Kendra’s Man: From An Eagle To A Colt

Kendra Wilkenson & Hank Baskett. Photo:

Kendra Wilkenson & Hank Baskett. Photo:

We are happy to say that Hank Baskett, after being released from the Eagles to make room for Michael Vick, is now a Colt.

The wide receiver signed with the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday and I am sure Kendra Wilkinson is relieved, although I bet she wishes he was a San Diego Charger, her favorite team.

On paper, the Colts are a more successful team, and with the division they have, do have a chance of making it. The Eagles are already the cream of the crop with a lot of experts picking them to make to the NFC Championship and possibly the Super Bowl.

Regardless, we are happy for Kendra and Hank that he is now employed again.-Dr.FB




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