Video: Fans Go Wild For Surprise Guest Kanye West

Always one of the first to dismiss bad behavior when it comes to music, Hollywood did that Saturday night for Kanye West. It was rumored for a while that either Kanye or Jay-Z would show up at the Palladium but it was West, who got the crowd poppin'.

Straight up, he is the jackass that our celebrity President called him for his actions at the MTV Video Music Awards and Taylor Swift 2 weeks ago.  All I care about is his music and his performance. He still has no class but this performance is hot.

What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. I’ve always felt that you have to separate the man from the music and Kanye’s music … IMO … wether it’s his own cd’s or collabrations with other artist … is some really good music to dance to.

  2. Somehow I do like this Kanye West. He’s like a spoilt little brat, but also endearing. Just a kid who got too rich too soon and off course you get screwed in the head with all those kass-kissers around you.
    Who I really do not like is that John Mayer.

  3. This guy sucks so bad why give him a break for his over inflated ego. He can’t sing, he can’t play and he ain’t no George Clinton (who is one of the few I give a pass to). I even think his new album is ok, but he is not worth the celebrity he is bestowed. Give it ten years and lets see who gives a shit.

  4. kanye has done that b4 at MTV so why is everyone still judging him? taylor swift sukcs

  5. Those are some sorry ass folks in that theater. Meh.

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