MTV Video Music Awards

Lady Gaga Set To Perform At MTV Video Music Awards!

Lady Gaga will perform music from “ARTPOP” at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th. The first single from “ARTPOP” and most likely the one she will be performing will be out on August 19th. “ARTPOP” is due for release in November. The MTV Video Music Awards will take place at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center.-DocFB […]

Demi Lovato Defends Herself On Twitter Over Weight Gain

Demi Lovato Photo:

Demi Lovatto, who has battled an eating disorder, looked stunning at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. However, she was attacked on twitter, saying that she looked chunky.  That caused Lavato to take to Twitter and act. The tweet sent to Lovato said “Arms were looking a tad bit chunky.” Lovato sent this tweet but […]

Did Lady Gaga Copy Annie Lennox At The MTV Video Music Awards?

Lady Gaga’s performance last night as her male counterpart Joe Calderone and how she stayed as him the entire show is one of the most talked about things about the MTV Video Music Awards.  But did she “borrow” it from the Eurythmics Annie Lennox 25 years ago? In Annie’s performance of “Sweet Dreams” at the Grammys […]