Kathy Ireland Bumped Off Dancing With The Stars

Kathy Ireland File Photo
Kathy Ireland File Photo

Kathy Ireland File Photo

So I heard Kathy Ireland got bumped off of "Dancing With The Stars", where they use the words stars VERY loosely.

So was her dancing worse than her acting on Melrose Place back in the day?

Did you watch? Did she deserve to be sent home?-Dr.FB

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  1. we love watching Dancing with the stars, the actresses and actors that joins it are nice *,`

  2. Dancing with the stars is the best dance show for me, great stars and great dance performance’,:

  3. i wish that they also feature Jewel Kilcher on the Dancing With The Stars show`,~

  4. I didn’t catch this week’s show but last week she was terrible, so I’m not shocked that she’s been booted. She was stiff as a board.

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