Video: Madonna & Lady Gaga

Here is Madonna and Lady Gaga from Saturday Night Live last night. You know I am soooooo wishing I was between that Madonna n Lady Gaga sandwhich.

I gave the clue it was happening via my twitter page as a twitter exclusive. Hope you all tuned in. If not, here is the video.

Let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

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  1. She looks amazing. Stunning with her hair like that. It’s fantastic how she mixes up her songs most of the time so it’s always fresh.

  2. Pretty funny! Thanks for the clip Doc.

  3. Noticing how noone clapped 4 Lady Gaga & That Madonna looked so much hotter than LG!I wish Madonna would stop wasting her time with artists that are passing phases!

  4. ….frighteningly close to reality.

  5. Not a fan of either. I must say Madonna looks good for her age.

  6. Thank u Dr. I am pissed that I miss the show! They are so hot! I think I just “Jizzed In My Pants”! LOL!

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