Jon Gosselin Goes To New Lows

Jon Gosselin On A Good Day.  Photo:

Jon Gosselin On A Good Day. Photo:

If you thought things were ugly when we were just talking about Kate’s hair, that is nothing to how ugly things got before this weekend. Jon took out all the money in his joint bank account with Kate and left her with a grand. A $1,000?  For her and 8 children is that even enough for groceries in this economy?

He did this on Saturday and his and her lawyers are fighting like crazy over at least $200,000 and what did he do on Saturday?  He grubbed at the Ivy on Robertson where you go to be scene no matter how big of a douche you are.

Jon Gosselin bs’d went on to Larry King late last week and said he wanted to save the marriage while getting the money out of the account. He left the children’s account untouched.

The taking of the money directly violates the Arbitration Award in the divorce which requires both parties to agree before any money is withdrawn.

Stuff is going to go down today big time. Wonder what John will come up with as an excuse?-Dr.FB



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