Kate Plus 8

Kate Kind Of Looks Like An 8

Holy Hannah! Is that Kate Gosselin? What looks different about her? She looks….well….a lot better. I guess not being with Jon agrees with her. I still wish she would change her hairstyle but I guess that is something her n hairdresser need to discuss. I still can’t get over that the villain Kate earlier this […]

Jon & Kate’s Court Date

Jon & Kate Gosselin were in court today in PA, for a dispute over the money Jon took out last week. Jon reportedly took over $200,000 out of their joint bank account, leaving Kate with a $1,000 The judge did not rule today but set another court date for October 26th.-Dr.FB

Video: Kate Gosselin Can’t Pay Her Bills

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Kate Gosselin was just on the Today Show sayign she cannot pay her bills with John taking all of the money out of their bank account, leaving her with a grand. What do you think of what Kate said?-Dr.FB

Jon Gosselin Goes To New Lows

If you thought things were ugly when we were just talking about Kate’s hair, that is nothing to how ugly things got before this weekend. Jon took out all the money in his joint bank account with Kate and left her with a grand. A $1,000?  For her and 8 children is that even enough for groceries […]