NFL Week 4: Packers Versus Vikings In Favrebowl

Brett Versus Brett.  Photo: NYDailyNews.com
Brett Versus Brett.  Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Brett Versus Brett. Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Did you all think I forgot about my NFL Week picks and posts? Nope. I had to move it a day with a game this big.  What the Packers management tried to avoid has now become their biggest nightmare.

Last year, Brett Favre retired. The Packers moved on with him. Then Brett wanted to play but the Packers decided to still move on, trading the legend to the New York Jets, where the Packers were not going to play for 6 years and no chance of seeing Brett again. After a frustrating season, Favre retired again. The Jets cut Favre, leaving him free to sign with any team including the Packers division rival, the Minnesota Vikings, where he wanted to go last year.

The deal happened and this game was highlighted. It is not Favre traveling back to Green Bay.  That happens in November.  Tonight, however, it's Vikings versus Packers in Minnesota. 

Favre said he wants to beat them for the way things ended. The Packers want to beat the shadow of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, who had the task of replacing the legend would love to get that monkey off his back.

I am picking the Pack to take this game but for Favre and the Vikings to win the one on the road in November.

So, here it is: Who you got? Packers or Vikings?-Dr.FB

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Comments (4)
  1. What a breath of fresh air to take my mind off after a stressful day. Great prose that really gets the idea across. Cant thank you enough for taking the time.

  2. The only QB to beat every team in the NFL?? Congratulations Mr. Favre..!!

  3. I want Favre to do WHATEVER he needs to do to vindicate himself.

    ” Vengence is mine, sayth The Lord. ” ( and Favre, and me ; ) – evil Vader-like laugh – oops, Vader doesn’t laugh- that would be Yoda.

    A good game it should be…. xoxo -c-c-

  4. I want Aaron Rogers to slay that dragon once and for all, but we know Brett makes miracles happen. I hope it’s a good game at least and not a blow out.

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