Brett Favre

Brett Favre Retires……Or Not

Brett Favre. Photo:

Seems we may have got suckered in……again. So after reports of Favre retiring and texting certain teammates “This Is It” it seems Favre may not be retiring.  Nope.  He was just telling people he was seeing Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” and people got confused. The official word is that Favre nor the Vikings have […]

Brett Favre To Retire! Again

It is being reported by various sports sources that Brett Favre is retiring. I am sure the Minnesota Viking fans are not digging this. There is to be a formal announcement later today to announce he is retiring.  Another press conference 3 weeks from now will take place saying he is coming back.  We kid.  […]

Prince Does Vikings Fight Song!

[audio:] Robyne Robinson broke the news at the local fox affiliate in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that PRINCE was set to debut a Minnesota Vikings fight song tonight.  The song is entitled “Purple & Gold.” Prince has been seen at a few Vikings football game and may have been inspired by Brett Favre n the way they manhandled […]

Tiger Woods Mistress Shows Off Body

Jamiee Grubbs, famous for being one of the ho’s women that Tiger Woods hooked up, posed for a men’s magazine. She says and I quote;  “It’s hard to be sexy and still maintain class but that’s what I tried to do.” Honey, maybe you put the ass in class, but that is about it baby.  As […]