Green Bay Packers

Are You Ready For Some Football? (Finally!)

Yes.  Yes.  Yes!  The NFL is back baby!  The players and owners agreed to end the lockout on Monday and the season will start on time.  It is going to be a chaotic week for the NFL with the opening of training camps, trades, and free agent signings. I was getting scared for a moment.  […]

Favre Wins! Favre Wins! Favre Wins!

Favre turns 40 this week?  There were times last night that I never saw Favre throw the ball harder. His determination is there. This is why the Minnesota Vikings wanted Favre becaujse without the, they may be 2-2 or worse. With Favre, they are 4-0 and look pretty unstoppable. Doesn’t that make Favre the only […]

NFL Week 4: Packers Versus Vikings In Favrebowl

Did you all think I forgot about my NFL Week picks and posts? Nope. I had to move it a day with a game this big.  What the Packers management tried to avoid has now become their biggest nightmare. Last year, Brett Favre retired. The Packers moved on with him. Then Brett wanted to play […]

Bye Bye Brett! Brett Favre To Stay Retired

Brett Favre has told the Minnesota Vikings that he is going to remain retired and not return to the NFL He says the decision was incredibly difficult and he will most likely never play again. “It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made,” Favre said. “I didn’t feel like physically I could play at a […]

No. 8 Giants Win The Super Bowl

The Patriots were on the way to the first ever undefeated season.  Only one thing stood in the way: The New York Football Giants.  A team they beat on the last game of the regular season.  A cake walk right?  Nope. The last game of the season record-wise and playoff-wise was meaningless to the Giants.  […]