Favre Wins! Favre Wins! Favre Wins!

#4 Scores.  Photo: Jamie Squire/GettyImages.com
#4 Scores.  Photo: Jamie Squire/GettyImages.com

#4 Scores. Photo: Jamie Squire/GettyImages.com

Favre turns 40 this week?  There were times last night that I never saw Favre throw the ball harder. His determination is there. This is why the Minnesota Vikings wanted Favre becaujse without the, they may be 2-2 or worse. With Favre, they are 4-0 and look pretty unstoppable.

Doesn't that make Favre the only player ever to beat all 32 teams? In a perfect world, the Packers would never have let Favre go.

Did you see the game last night? What did you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. The only QB to beat every team in the NFL?? Congratulations Mr. Favre..!!

  2. Vikings, Vikings, Vikings love watching them in the Dome.

  3. Dear Brett,
    All my life I grew up hating you, but now I think I love You!
    Brett you made the right move by signing with the Vikings. I bet the Dr. Wishes Tony R would play more like this.

  4. man oh man was that exciting last night. the fav-ra era in minn. has officially check in and everyone seems to be happy except for ted thompson (the gay, i mean the guy responsible for shipping him out). and even though rodgers looked great in the game. he sometimes looked confused and i didn’t get the sense that he had the favrulous magic to make a late come back. hey, you either got it or you don’t right!!! but i’m so happy my main man won. now i’m 4-0 in fantasy and 4-0 with my man. i hope the good fortune keeps rollin in.

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