• Georgie
    Posted at 19:49h, 07 October

    Who really believed ‘Hollywood’ was defending that pervert? I thought it unbelievable that anyone would, and that is because nobody did!
    Whoopsie G has probably sealed her fate, and anyone in the industry who made their personnal opinion known will be viewed with distain, no doubt.
    Fact is Roman Polanski is a criminal and will have to face justice. Fucking good job too. I hope he goes to jail and is sharing his cell with the haemorroid hitman

  • Sbacon1999
    Posted at 16:48h, 07 October

    The article is making a case that the actual signatures on the petition do no represent Hollywood’s true position on Polanski’s release, in that those that have signed it live a) on the east coast or b) overseas and that when the writer actually looked at the list, there were only 10 or so “A-listers” that have actually signed it.

    Bollocks I say. IMO, the writer is missing the point that when someone like Scorcese, Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein sign a petition like that, people equate them with Hollywood and therefore lump the industry into that viewpoint.

    It’s splitting hairs to say they’re not REALLY in Hollywood. Bigger point is that these directors, actors etc. are not coming out and denying their support for Polanski. Nor is the “true Hollywood”, e.g. heavy hitters in L.A., coming out and saying they don’t want Polanski to get off scott free. Of course the American public pays attention to what’s in the news, not what’s missing.

    Did Whoopi ever say antying after her comment on the View? I thought for sure she would correct her statement? If she did, I missed it.

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