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Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathers A Child Of Household Staff Member

Maria Shriver & Schwarzenegger File Photo

We now know one of the main reasons Maria Shriver left her husband of 20 years; for fathering a child with a house worker of the family more than a decade ago! The house worker stopped working for the family back in January and it seems that is when Shriver found out.  According to the […]

Hurt Locker Producer BARRED From Oscars

The Hurt Locker Promotional Poster

A Hurt Locker producer will not be allowed to attend the Academy Awards this Sunday.  His crime?  He was sending e-mails out to Academy voters telling them to vote for his movie for Best Picture.  That is a big no-no. The producer is Nicolas Chartier and IF the Hurt Locker does win for Best Picture, he […]

Exclusive Photos Of No Doubt Up Close & Personal

No Doubt performed at the Gibson in Los Angeles on Wednesday and we were lucky enough to have someone front row center taking photos.  It seemed like another great show from No Doubt and here is a review stating just that. Hope you enjoy the “exclusive” pics.-Dr.FB

Get A Dose Of The Simpsons’ At The Post Office

DOH!!! The Simpsons’ on a stamp? Why not? They have won 24 Emmys over its two decade and still counting run on Fox Televison, had a hit movie, and  have sold millions of dollars in mechandise.  I guess its time to put their fug on a US Postal Stamp.  Starting May 7th you will be […]