Video~ Chris Tucker Attempts To Cover Michael Jackson

Here is Chris Tucker performing "Rock With You" in Bermuda. As a singer, he makes a great comedian. Thought I would share.

What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. His Do me Baby was funnier than Prince’s version.

  2. it wasn’t chris that had the bad singing it was whoever was filming this..they needed to shut the hell up….chris actually sounds pretty good…lol

  3. Love him.

  4. Chris Tucker is hilarious. Nice tribute. It’s one of my favorite MJ songs too. At the end Chris was about to pass out! LOL!! He begin his career imitating Michael Jackson. Him and MJ became friends, and he’s funny in MJ’s You Rock My World video. It was nice of Chris to remember his friend Michael Jackson and be so hilarious about it.

    With love,

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