Video~ Melanie Fiona “It Kills Me”

Here is Melanie Fiona "It Kills Me" and she has a great voice that is killing me.

I am sure we have all been there, right?  Are you digging it? Let me know.-Dr.FB

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  1. I gotta say, I LOVE this song. It just grabbed me, which is something that most new music doesn’t do. It’s a haunting song and Melanie’s voice is beautiful. That was a cool video too. Seeing Adam Rodriguez in it made my heart jump a little LOL. Thanks for sharing the video with us. I want to hear more from her.

  2. “..I am sure we have all been there, right?…”

    Nah can’t say I have. But I know ALL ’bout being in love and getting ZERO interest back tho..Story of my life so that’s why I’ll just be that 39 forever single lady and art lover!
    Nice video btw.

  3. Love her voice! wasn’t her album released recently? Gotta go pick it up. I can relate to the song, i ended up leaving him cuz i got tired of waiting to be the only one. Good for me tho cuz now I’m engaged to an amazing man! Tears of joy instead of tears of pain and disappointment? YES PLEASE!

  4. She can sing, but that song is a mighty snore fest

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