Is The Jay Leno Show Nearing An End?

Jay Leno At Carousel of Hope Ball.  Photo: Getty Images

Jay Leno At Carousel of Hope Ball. Photo: Getty Images

According to a report by MSNBC, The Jay Leno show could be nearing an end. 

Leno was doing well before the fall season started to kick into high gear.  I have noticed he has had a few repeat guests on already due to other networks asking their stars not to appear on his show.

Jay has been striking back with his comedy.  Last week, when taking a shot to see if he flinches, he said he should turn around for it because “he works for NBC and is used to being shot in the back” and was more than joking.

The Tonight Show was pulled from Jay because of an agreement with Conan O’Brien to take over this year.  The agreement was reached in 2004.

If the show does end, will it Jay frozen out or Conan, who has been struggling as the Tonight Show host?  Will Leno pack it in or end up on a rival network?  One has to think that NBC will stay with the Leno show til May but if it is struggling, an announcement would be made soon.

Are you watching the Leno show?  Well, it seems a lot of you are not.-Dr.FB



  • pelicankiss
    Posted at 20:06h, 10 November

    Poor Jay. I like him and the new show isn’t that bad.

    But the whole Tonight Show shuffle was a bad move for Jay and Conan. Plus the competition at the primetime time slot (CSI, etc) is to much to compete with.

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