PRINCE Gives Cable MSNBC Show A Theme Song

PRINCE Photo: 3rdEyeGirl.com

PRINCE has given Tamron Hall’s News Nation, a show that airs on MSNBC from 2-3 P.M. Eastern time, a theme song for the show.

The song is "17" that PRINCE released under the Madhouse name on the 1-800-New Funk CD back in the day. So although it is not new, it is VERY cool that they were given permission to use the song and are using it.

We have learned that the News Nation song (17) was given to them FREE of charge...PRINCE receives NO money from it.

To listen to a clip of the song used during MSNBC's show, click HERE.

Didn't Bryant Gumbel turn down a PRINCE song for his show before?

In the words of Julia Roberts from "Pretty Woman", Bryant; "Big mistake.  Huge!"-DocFB

Diagnosis:  MSNBC scored some cool points there....


Fox News Calls Obama “Skinny, Ghetto, Crackhead”

A Fox News correspondent called President Obama a "Skinny, ghetto, crackhead" while trying to make a point about Chris Wallace from MSNBC.

Chris said that hopeful Republican Presidential Nominee looks like a car bomber. I agree more with the Fox analyst that he looks more like Winnie The Pooh. Cartoon characters aside, that's when the Fox analyst went for the Obama crackhead comparison.

At first he was just what if it was said but. after saying it, he said he does look like one.

So my question is, is he allowed to say that or did he go too far.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Let it snow let it snow let it snow....


Is The Jay Leno Show Nearing An End?

Jay Leno At Carousel of Hope Ball.  Photo: Getty Images
Jay Leno At Carousel of Hope Ball.  Photo: Getty Images

Jay Leno At Carousel of Hope Ball. Photo: Getty Images

According to a report by MSNBC, The Jay Leno show could be nearing an end. 

Leno was doing well before the fall season started to kick into high gear.  I have noticed he has had a few repeat guests on already due to other networks asking their stars not to appear on his show.

Jay has been striking back with his comedy.  Last week, when taking a shot to see if he flinches, he said he should turn around for it because "he works for NBC and is used to being shot in the back" and was more than joking.

The Tonight Show was pulled from Jay because of an agreement with Conan O'Brien to take over this year.  The agreement was reached in 2004.

If the show does end, will it Jay frozen out or Conan, who has been struggling as the Tonight Show host?  Will Leno pack it in or end up on a rival network?  One has to think that NBC will stay with the Leno show til May but if it is struggling, an announcement would be made soon.

Are you watching the Leno show?  Well, it seems a lot of you are not.-Dr.FB


CNN Slips To 3rd in Prime-Time Ratings

Fox News hit a record number with it's prime-time ratings followed by MSNBC. CNN dropped 10 percent over last year to come in 3rd.

This is the first time ever the network has ever came in 3rd for prime-time ratings.-Dr.FB


Chris Brown Reportedly ‘Bit’ Rihanna

Chris Brown File Photo


Chris Brown File Photo

Chris Brown File Photo

According to this MSNBC story, the same source who told Access Hollywood that Rihanna was the female Chris Brown was accused of assaulting has also reported that Chris Brown hit Rihanna "with his fists" and that he "bit" her.

Another source at Cedars-Sinai Medical center, where Rihanna was reportedly taken after the incident, told Radar Online that Rhianna broke down when she was visited there by two assistants. Says the anonymous source: 

“Rihanna was clearly very upset by what had happened and I could hear her screaming. Rihanna was trying to get her point across about something, she sounded like she was crying as she tried to get… her point across.”


Keith Olberman Renews Contract With MSNBC

Why Is He Smiling?  Wouldnt You If You Had A Job Guaranteed til 2012?  File Photo
Why Is He Smiling?  Wouldnt You If You Had A Job Guaranteed til 2012?  File Photo

Why Is He Smiling? Wouldn't You If You Had A Job Guaranteed til 2012? File Photo

MSNBC has signed Keith Olberman thru the next election term of 2012.

He just signed a 4 million dollar a year contract last year!  That one is gone.  It is now replaced with a $7.5 million dollar contract. That is a nice chunk of change. 

He just noticed recently he has now down the Countdown show longer than he did Sportscenter, where he had several issues with management. 

MSNBC usually reports on the liberal media and with Obama winnng what will they do now?  He replied, "Starting today, we are going to show Mariah Carey all day long."-Dr.FB