Video~ Carrie Prejean Loses It With Larry King

We stopped caring about this woman about 6 months ago, but all it takes is a lawsuit and a solo sex tape to make us care about her again. Last night, she refused to answer the question about the solo sex tape, one of the reasons why anyone was even watching.

Check out the madness.-Dr.FB

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so traprnasently clear now!

  2. i would have to agree that Carrie Prejean has a great body but her face is not that pretty at all*”:

  3. Carrie Prejean is quite pretty and i have a big crush on her too;,:

  4. I’ve seen Carrie Prejean in person and i would have to say that she is just average looking~;,

  5. She’s a waste of print, space and time who would probably make more selling tape than the book.

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more DuNoiss. It folks like her that make other Christians, like me, who keep it real look like fools cause she’s not keeping it real. She needs to go somewhere and sit down. The less she talks, the better.

  7. Inappropriate King. I will agree with that.
    She made it quite clear she didn’t feel comfortable about the question. He WAS an arse.

  8. I love Jesus, but I feel that people like her should shut up and be a private citizens. She was caught being human masturbating on film and now she wants to blow it off. She could be more effective if she kept it real. She is the typical Christian hypocrite….. tell the truth and shame the devil…. Jesus died for our sins… no need to pretend to be perfect when you are not… you made a sex tape…. so what! She is acting like your Jimmy Swaggart!

  9. Carrie Prejean’s such an asshole. I like her less and less each time I see her. She makes no sense to herself, let alone anyone else.

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