Video: Shakira Feat. Lil Wayne “Give It Up To Me”

New Shakira featuring Lil Wayne video for "Give It Up To Me" and I got three words for you:

Hot. Like. Soup.-Dr.FB

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  1. Nah.. Dont wanna see..

  2. Love Timbaland!Her vocals do nothing for me on this song and it is sad to me to see her losing what made her interesting & different to me.She is just blending in now with all of the the other women.Same video set up,body suits,similar dance moves.Yawwwwnnnnnn….zzzzzzzzzzz……..

  3. Let me guess is this produced by Timbaland? Cuz it sounds exactly like everything else he does.

  4. I always dug this shakira babe and the song is nice and her dancing wil always be interesting to me. Lil wayne has even warmed up to me even tho he is uglier then Flava Flav..well ..it’s a close race… hehh heh heh heh hehe eheheheehe lemmme stop

  5. It will grow on me I expect, but don’t blow me away.
    Was the foo frusting really necessary?

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