Lady Gaga’s American Music Award Performance

Lady Gaga's performance on the American Music Awards of "Bad Romance" and "Speechless" was fire. It was smashing.

Although that whole outfit is not going to dispel rumors that she has a penis.-Dr.FB

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  1. I thought the AMA performance was great even though I had to catch the rerun on YouTube. I couldn’t tell if the picture was just hazy or if there was a pecker on her costume. You know, it is a great addition to the performance and the stories and there is nothing wrong with it. I believe she has all female parts and is hot without a doubt but how funny it is that she can put it on and break such barriers.

  2. hey Dr. I know you want comments here instead of facebook. so i will go the extra distance and place it here AS WELL, only because i would not have seen that video if it weren’t for you. Lady GAGA i am a new fan. everyone else who performed should be ashamed of them selves. That is giving it all you got. Encore!

  3. I loved it !!! … Lady Gaga’s performance was one of the best on the show last nite.

  4. Yea her performance was off the chain as always…you can always count on gaga to give a great performance…however that outfit was jacked up…lol

  5. i think that her performance was awesome and a kick in the balls to the people who say that she is a man.. there is NO WAY IN HELL that she is a MAN… She’s TOO HOT!!

    that performance was on FIYA!!!!

  6. She should be so lucky, to be a woman with a penis! She’d be in good company.
    Comment 2: I wonder if she ever starts to feel trapped in the high theatrical expectations. A performance of her just singing would probably bomb.

  7. Nobody can accuse her of being boring, and as for having a penis I do not believe that. A strap on, yes.

  8. Amazing is all I can say. Love love love it

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