George Michael Announces Australian Tour Dates

George Michael. Photo: AskMen.com
George Michael. Photo: AskMen.com

George Michael. Photo: AskMen.com

So much for the Farewell Tour.  Who am I kidding? I am GLAD he is touring again.

GeorgeMichael.com    just announced GM will be heading to Australia in Feb. 2010.  Here is the official announcement:

It's confirmed! After months of rumour and speculation, legendary superstar GEORGE MICHAEL has officially announced that he will be performing live in Australia for the first time since 1988!

GEORGE MICHAEL will perform 2 special event stadium shows in Australia in February 2010: the first one in Perth at Members Equity Stadium on Saturday 20 February, before heading to Sydney to perform at the Sydney Football Stadium on Friday 26 February.

I am glad he is touring because George got soul and touring keeps him out of trouble! I don't want to hear about any more hook-ups in the park, any car accidents or any drug arrests.

I am looking forward to his DVD release Live In London in December.  It's a shame I found out it was playing in movie theatres after it sold out.

Have fun Australia! Unlike Britney Spears, his mic will be on!-Dr.FB

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  1. i would have to say that george michael is a good singer despite the scandals ,

  2. the best news i have heard for ages…me thinks he will be doing something with mardi gras…the day before the parade in sydney…i’ve been on the George Michael waiting list for tickets on Preferred Seating for months. I booked 2 x Freedom tickets from them today – yeah. so excited

  3. He toured last year. I saw him in May 2008.

  4. WHY wont he play the states? What will it take for me to see my george?

  5. Aww great news. I would love to see him..Great news ;) Thanks doc

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