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New Years Eve Plans & Resolutions

Hello everyone.  So 2009 is about to be put to rest and this entire decade.  What are we calling this decade anyway?  What are we calling this upcoming one?  While I am asking questions….. What do you have planned for New Years Eve this year? What was your favorite New Years Eve experience in your […]

A Pain In The Neck From The Past

I wanted to get this pain in the neck out there for the ladies.  Who could forget Madonna’s spread for W. magazine with the newly minted new boy toy in her life, Jesus Luz.  Shaking my head still about tattooing your own name on your back.  Seriously? So like Adam Lambert would say, here is […]

What A Pain In The Neck!

I will never understand the tattoo on the neck of your own name.  I just don’t get it. Is it so your partner remembers what your name is if you are making love from behind?  Is it there if you are drunk and laying your head down in the toilet? What the heck does it […]

A Daughter & Her Future Mother In Law

Oh, this is not weird at all.  Here is Brooke Hogan and her friend Jennifer McDaniel.  I am not talking about it being weird that they look very much alike.  What I am talking about is Brooke’s father is Hulk Hogan and her friend Jennifer is engaged to Hulk Hogan, according to reports. It is […]

Joel Madden Pays Tribute To Fallen Musician

Joel Madden wore a shirt to the Los Angeles Lakers game that read ” R.I.P. The Rev,” paying tribute to the Avenged Sevenfold drummer James Sullivan, who’s nickname was the Rev. Joel took in the Lakers victory with his beautiful wife girlfriend Nicole Ritchie. Seriously, they make a great couple and look to really be very […]