Family Ties Mom Comes Out Of The Keaton Closet

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Meredith-Baxter, the 80's family Mom "Elyse Keaton" has come out on the Today show as Lesbian. A late bloomer, as she was married a couple time before and had children.

She has been dating and living with a woman for the past 4 years.

Is this a big shock to you? Did you watch the show? Wonder what Alex P. Keaton thinks?-Dr.FB

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  1. Ya, i used to watch the show. Does it surprise me…no…not much does anymore. I wish her happiness.

  2. Nope, didn’t see that one coming. But good for her, I wish her happiness. Now she’s free to be seen in public with her significant other without fear of exploitation / speculation.

    Say what you will, but IMHO, life is too short to allow others to control your basic right to happiness and people like Ellen, Elton, Adam, etc. should be admired for the courage it takes to be themselves in this society.


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