Filipino Music & “Glee” Star Charice Comes Out! “I’m A Lesbian”

Once dubbed by Oprah as the most talented girl in the world, music sensation & “Glee” star Charice has declared she is a lesbian. In an interview with “The Buzz” a Filipino entertainment news organization, she came out. She stated she is a “Tomboy” which in Filipino is slang for “Lesbian”. “Yes, I am a […]

Kylie Minogue Plays A Lesbian In New Movie “Jack & Diane” Watch Now!

Kylie Minoque has quite the gay following and it will grow with the release of “Jack & Diane” a new movie the Australian music star is set to be in. The movie also stars in the lead role Juno Temple from “The Dark Knight Rises” fame. The trailer opens with what looks like someone holding […]

Dev’s New Video “In The Dark” Copying Lady Gaga?

  Wow.  Dev just released her new video “In The Dark” and some say she is jacking from Lady Gaga.  They say the hands are emulating Gaga’s “Paws Up” gesture along with her getting close to another woman and almost kissing her.  Even the shades she wears are so-called Gaga-esque. I’m not buying it.  First […]

Hell Yea! Twilight Goes Lesbian For Guys

HA! The guys being interviewed to give their thoughts on the movie is priceless. We always see tween girls losing their shiz over the Twilight Saga, so why can’t grown men get in on it. Twilight for Lesbians…is for guys too. Check it out above and let me know if you would see it.-Dr.FB