Is Tiger Woods Mulling Oprah As Another Woman Comes Out?

Holly Sampson.

Holly Sampson.

Holly Sampson, an adult film star, is now saying that she has hooked up with Tiger Woods.  I am starting to think he wanted 18 other holes other than his wife so he could get a hole hoe in each one.

This is now the 7th woman to come forward to claim to have sexual relations with Tiger Woods.  All of this is going on as rumors are swirling that Tiger is going to go on Oprah to tell all.  I highly doubt it right now.

Tiger has wanted to remain private about the situation and even if he wanted to come clean about his affairs, he would have to out his wife for using the 9 iron for whupping him, and not for trying to break the windows to save him. 

Everyone wants to interview Tiger but with his endorsement deals still intact, why will he?  His image has taken a hit and he will be the butt of late night talk shows for some time to come, but putting his wife out there for his indiscretions is not something I can see him do.

Do you think Tiger will go on Oprah?  Do you think he should?-Dr.FB



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  • Jedi R.A.
    Posted at 21:48h, 07 December

    Tiger hit a tree and a bunch of women fell down.
    All the gold diggers are trying to get theirs.
    Has everyones perspective of Tiger changed?
    He went from a dog to a stud? I’m just sayin’

    Posted at 16:57h, 07 December

    HE SHOULD COME CLEAN ABOUT IT… Hugh Grant did it & that was far mor embarrassing than having a healthy sex drive. Unfortunately his sex drive does clash with his being married but that is a mere detail LOL
    But lets be honest: who is whitout sin? When u r a superstar women throw themselfs at ur feet…
    What man is strong enough 2 resist temptation day after day …hmm? (& 2 the smartasses amoung u: no a gay man is not a good answer!! ;Op)
    If his marriage does not survive this oh well i hope the ho(le)s have been worth it …

  • Georgie
    Posted at 16:08h, 07 December

    LOL more hoes than a golf course… No way does he need to justify his sluttery to the nation! It’s a private affair, god knows if his married will even survive this.
    The best thing he could do is admit that his wife wanted to hurt him really badly and that he completely deserved it.

  • BSide
    Posted at 15:43h, 07 December

    Crazy… LOL @ the 18 hoes comment 🙂

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