Brittany Murphy’s Mom Says Death Could Be Tied To Diabetes

Brittany Murphy. File Photo
Brittany Murphy. File Photo

Brittany Murphy. File Photo

Is Brittany Murphy's mother a mom who is trying to protect her daughter from drug rumors or is she shining some light on her daughter's death?

Brittany Murphy's mom says that Brittany had diabetes type 2 (which is something I suffer from) and that it could be complications of her diabetes that caused her death.

Several prescription drugs were found in Brittany's house and she had been suffering from flu-like symptoms and was mixing flu medications along with her other prescriptions.  No illegal drugs were found in the residence.

Her mother found her in the shower where there was throw-up around her and it is said that she had thrown up through the night. 

Here are some links of people with diabetes who died in their 30's from complications to diabetes:

Doctor's Lounge , Diabetes Definitions , E Medicine 

So do you think that her mother is protecting her or does her story have merit?-Dr.FB

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  1. Horrible news, I really admired her stuff 🙁
    If she was diabetic and unwell it would make her sugar levels very unstable, a diabetic coma could induce respiratory arrest which would lead to cardiac arrest. Sounds like she was uncontrolled and ketotic.
    So tragic whatever the circumstances

  2. Im sure the autopsy will be quicker this time than MJ’s. Let’s hope LA Coroner gets it right this time.

  3. its all a cover up for her ADDICTION of Cocaine

  4. doc I have Diabetics in my fam but I’ve never heard of it inducing cardiac. Hmmm. So sad but you’re the doctor here, man!

  5. I don’t think it safe to assume in this case her diabetes was “uncontrolled” or that she has had it for many many yrs.. Just sad 🙁

  6. I’ll wait till the autopsy results come in.

  7. Doc…sounds to me like she has a drug interaction..not a cocaine drug interaction…..prescription meds are just as bad….

  8. Here’s another thought….if she had an undetected heart problem or arrhythmia, flu drugs CAN cause a sudden heart attack and panic attacks!! The drug affects the CNS (nervous system) and electrical impulses of the heart.

  9. Diabetes can make someone throw up as well and if she was taking flu like meds on top of being a diabetic that could have caused huge problems. I know that my friends husband seemed to always be sick…throwing up sick

  10. She was found with a grip of prescription meds n was taking stuff for flu like symptoms n was throwing up a lot before she was found.

    Authorities say they believe it had nothing to do with her type 2 diabetes?

  11. I have to say though if she was diabetic and there were times when she seemed “out of it” that can be part of not managing ure Diabetes

  12. Hard to say really. I think these days when it comes to the Entertainment industry we just automatically assume its drugs, because lets face it most of the time it is…which is awefully sad and scarey at the same time

  13. If her skin was paling out during a recent photo opp, then its possible diabetes could have played a role in it. She probably had a sudden cardiac arrest.

  14. Do u guys think her death was due to diabetes or drug use?

  15. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. A healthy person can go into cardiac arrest if they snort a mountain of snow. Just got to wait till the autopsy results are in.

  16. Here’s another theory…i knew a girl who died too young…she had epilepsy but failed to cautions for it. She wanted to lose weight also. She took cold meds and diet pills which is a no-no for seizures. She died from taking diet pills.

  17. you never know what was going on in her life…the stress of being kicked from the movie….who knows..

  18. I think a friend of mind died that way with diabetes/heart attack. But if u lost alot of weight and may have taken some kind of drug, it can kill u too.

  19. What about mixing diabetic medicine with cocaine?

    If this turns out to be diabetes n she is clean, this is gonna rock Hollywood. A BIG if.

  20. My friend Karina’s husband had a heart attack due to poor management of his diabetes a week before christmas last year, of course he was about 18 years older than Brittnay but that dosent always make a difference if her diabetes was not taken care of

  21. Diabetes can cause cardiac arrest if not. Controlled. Or if you mix diabetic medicine with meds for sleep disorder or flu meds . Diabetes have to be very very careful.

  22. U can have a heart attack over diabetes yes…but u can also have one due to anorexia, or she may just simply have had heart problems…

  23. A 32 year old that “looked” healthy but had rumors for years of a coccaine addiction?

  24. not saying it’s common but it’s possible..i’m sure there were many other factors as well…diet..exercise….32 is kind of young but stranger tings have happened…

  25. actually yea…..People with diabetes have a higher-than-average risk of having a heart attack or Stroke.

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