Nick Jonas Shows You He Is Beating His Diabetes In Shirtless Selfie!

Nick Jonas Photo: Instagram

Nick Jonas is proud of his administration. He is proud of his work out body. Being a diabetic, he is really proud of the work he has done.

"I never do this but… Healthy living and fitness update. Post workout picture. #diabeticinshape #2.0.”

20 years old. Diabietic. Kicking diabetes ass!

BTW, here is EXCLUSIVE footage of Nick Jonas performing with friend of the site SONNY T. Thanks to Cody for the footage.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I wonder if I was 20 if I would be as successful against my diabetes. Not being able to run or jog anymore makes it hard but maybe if I had that 20 year old metabolism and Jonas $ if I could beat it. Proud of Nick regardless.....


Nick Jonas Appears Set To Be Next “American Idol” Judge

Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com Nick Jonas. Photo: GettyImages.com

Sigh. I really wanted Adam Lambert to be the next "American Idol" judge but if Nick Jonas gets the job, I won't totally be mad.

Nick tweeted over the weekend:

“The rumors are true... I am being considered to be a judge on American Idol, and it would be a dream come true if it happens. #nickonidol.”

#nickonidol started trending almost immediately.

The reason I like Nick Jonas, aside from his solo record, is because of him trying to bring constant awareness to Diabetes. Nick is a diabetic, as I am. Not many people know about the conditions of diabetes and what goes along with it. I look healthy on the outside but for the past few months...my feet have been in constant pain. I try to get the word out about Diabetes but if Nick had that platform, he could be doing a lot to bring even more awareness to the cause.

What do U think of Nick Jonas being a judge on American Idol?

Below is a "secret show" performance with Administration (& former member of Prince's NPG) Sonny Thompson.-DocFB


Good For Drew Carey! Drops 80 Pounds; Beats Diabetes

Drew Carey Then & Now. Photos: GettyImages, AP Photo
Drew Carey Then & Now. Photos: GettyImages, AP Photo

Drew Carey Then & Now. Photos: GettyImages, AP Photo

Bob Barker may have dissed the host of "The Price is Right" but in the Showcase Showdown, Drew Carey is the winner!

Drew Carey has lost 80 pounds since January with a diet that has no carbs and 45 minutes of cardio a day, 6 days a week. Drew told People.com;

"I have cheated a couple times, but basically no carbs, not even a cracker. No bread at all. No pizza, nothing. No corn, no beans, no starches of any kind. Egg whites in the morning or like, Greek yogurt, cut some fruit."

So why did the famous overweight host want to lose weight?

"I like being skinny. I was sick of being fat on the camera," I just got sick of it."

The thing I am most proud of for Drew?  He had diabetes type II and with the weight loss no longer needs the medicine to fight it.

"I don't drink anything but water," he added. "No coffee, no tea, no soda."
Hmm.  I drink loads of water and green tea.  I do have a few Diet sodas in the morning as I don't drink coffee and need that caffeine fix man!

As a diabetic myself, I am happy for Drew and hope to hear he will be doing something for the cause to bring it to the masses attention.

What do you think of Drew's new look?-Dr.FB


Casey Johnson Death Due To Neglect Of Her Diabetes

Casey Johnson.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Casey Johnson. Photo: GettyImages.com

Casey Johnson, who was the heiress to the Johnson n Johnson fortune, died of neglect of her diabetes.

She failed to take her insulin shots and exercise on the regular. The cause of her death is known as "Diabetic Ketoacidosis"and this was preventable!

As a diabetic myself, although type 2, you have to take care of yourself! Seriously, 30 years old and she is dead due to a diabetic coma.

Take your medicine, exercise, and drink a grip of water. Another healthy tip: drink at least 4 cups of green tea. There are no medical facts that the tea helps but trust me, it does.

Straight up, diabetes is no joke.-Dr.FB


Brittany Murphy’s Mom Says Death Could Be Tied To Diabetes

Brittany Murphy. File Photo
Brittany Murphy. File Photo

Brittany Murphy. File Photo

Is Brittany Murphy's mother a mom who is trying to protect her daughter from drug rumors or is she shining some light on her daughter's death?

Brittany Murphy's mom says that Brittany had diabetes type 2 (which is something I suffer from) and that it could be complications of her diabetes that caused her death.

Several prescription drugs were found in Brittany's house and she had been suffering from flu-like symptoms and was mixing flu medications along with her other prescriptions.  No illegal drugs were found in the residence.

Her mother found her in the shower where there was throw-up around her and it is said that she had thrown up through the night. 

Here are some links of people with diabetes who died in their 30's from complications to diabetes:

Doctor's Lounge , Diabetes Definitions , E Medicine 

So do you think that her mother is protecting her or does her story have merit?-Dr.FB


Nick Jonas Continues Diabetes Awareness

Nick Jonas @ National Press Club.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Nick Jonas @ National Press Club.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Nick Jonas @ National Press Club. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Nick Jonas spoke to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. yesterday to bring awareness to Diabetes in young people.

Nick has been living with the disease since he was 13 and has been using his success to bring attention to it. You can knock the Jonas Brothers all you want, but Nick is doing a pretty good and cool thing.-Dr.FB


Nick Jonas Continues To Fight Diabetes

Nick Jonas File Photo
Nick Jonas File Photo

Nick Jonas File Photo

Nicks Simple Wins, Nick Jonas's new web site to fight diabetes is now online and the singer has teamed with Bayer.

Nick, who has diabetes has been a proponent for more diabetes care to prevent the disease, has spoken in front of congress and will speak later this month at a National Press Club to talk about his experience with juvenile diabetes.

You can clown the Jonas Brothers all you want, but what Nick is doing is extremely respectable land commendable.-Dr.FB