Michael Jackson wanted to perform with Lady Gaga


Michael Jackson was known throughout his career for his collaborations with other great artists; Lionel Richie, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.

When it came time to plan for guests on his "This Is It" tour, choreographer Travis Payne says he put together a list that included Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Sting, Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake and several others. Jackson approved but said there was another diva he wanted to join him onstage: Lady Gaga.

Payne revealed in a recent interview that the late King of Pop wanted to invite the "Paparazzi" singer to join him on stage during his "This Is It" tour. Jackson told Payne, "You got to get into her. She's good."

Last November, Payne received a phone call from Lady Gaga to discuss some choreography work. Payne told her about Jackson's wish to perform with her. "Of course she got moved by it," Payne recalls.

Payne went on to direct and choreograph Lady Gaga's performances on the American Music Awards, "Ellen,"  "The Jay Leno Show," and "X-Factor."

Seeing Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga together on stage would have been something! What do you think they would have performed together? - Dr.FB

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  1. there will be only one King Of Pop and that is Michael Jackson himself ::

  2. i will really miss the King of Pop. michael jackson is truly the best pop artist in this lifetime.”;,

  3. Michael Jackson would always be the King of Pop. He is one of the greatest figures in the pop music industry and we will never forget about him

  4. Ben was my favorite Michael Jackson song and i kind of miss the King of Pop now that he is forever gone. I still have my collection of michael jackson cassetes in the old days..

  5. Her music is is not good and so is her style!!

  6. if michael says she is good then she is good, period

  7. she has no talent and no taste in fashion…period!

  8. interesting…..

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