This Is It

Brett Favre Retires……Or Not

Brett Favre. Photo:

Seems we may have got suckered in……again. So after reports of Favre retiring and texting certain teammates “This Is It” it seems Favre may not be retiring.  Nope.  He was just telling people he was seeing Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” and people got confused. The official word is that Favre nor the Vikings have […]

Chace Crawford Will Not Get “Footloose”

Chace Crawford will not be getting “Footloose” for the 80’s remake.   Crawford has dropped out of the role that Zac Efron previously dropped out of. Chace is saying it is his busy schedule that caused him to drop out but since Kenny Ortega left the project last year to work with Michael Jackson for his […]

Orianthi Set To Rock American Idol;

Orianthi Promotional Photo. Photo: 19 Entertainment

Orianthi will perform on this week’s American Idol this Wednesday March 17th. We broke the news exclusively on Friday to our Twitter Followers and our Facebook Fan Page  as Fox did not want to make the official announcement  on the site til Monday, so we snuck to our followers because they didn’t say we couldn’t.  🙂 […]

This Is It Now On DVD

This Is It, the Michael Jackson documentary of his final tour rehearsals was released on DVD today. Do you plan on picking it up?-Dr.FB

Video: Dancing Inmates Learn Michael Jackson’s This Is It

This is, quite simply, bad-ass. Michael Jackson’s long-time choreographer Travis Payne and dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid show the dancing inmates from the Philippines how to learn performances from THIS IS IT. Check out the funkiness above with the “They Don’t Care About Us” breakdown. What do you think?-Dr.FB