Video: Conan Puts Himself On Craigslist


Conan O'Brien put himself on Craigslist stating he is a 6'4, completely ripped and the drapes match the carpet.

He said if you want him after midnight, it will cost you. Ha!

Conan O'Brien also commented on the Team Coco rallies going around in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and New York.

On the footage above, they made sure that the last sign you say was "Conan Is A FOX." Hmm. A little play on words?

Conan still went after NBC a little bit. Check it out above.

Are you Team Coco or Team Leno?-Dr.FB

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  1. This all sounds like a advertising/PR ploy for both hosts and from NBC! I’d rather see Jon Stewart (cuz he funnier) on the Tonight Show that either of the 2 bozoes. Conan is NOT that funny to me! In fact, I’ll throw in Dave Chappell as my next choice if Jon wont do it.

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