Miranda Kerr, How Do We Love Thee?

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Miranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda Kerr.  Above are four reasons to heavily dislike Orlando Bloom.  Not only is he a movie star but he also gets to bag Miranda. 

Some things in life just are not fair.  Weekends are never long enough.  Summer colds.  Agreeing to work an extra shift and someone hot calls wanting to hook up with you but you can't anymore.

Such is the life of Orlando Bloom and his love, Miranda Kerr.  Well, with these photos, hopefully, your life will be fair.  You can dream about her.  Sometimes, that is the stuff dreams and life are made of.-Dr.FB

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  1. you are naturally prety/glamourous,but these pictures don’t say it for me,I feel you so much more
    best thoughts John (-;

  2. Miranda Kerr got engaged to Orlando Bloom. Catch the whole article at Celebrity Gossips

  3. I like the everyday regular girl look…… Yup, you guessed it…. I’d hit it..

  4. eat eat eattttttttt!!!


    skinnyyy leg & arms.

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