James Cameron

The Oscars Were Amazing & Boring

Sandra Bullock.

Let’s be honest here; until the last half hour, the Oscars were pretty much boring.  We knew Monique was going to win, and everything was not a shock or least bit amusing until the end.  Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin were good.  They did not run too long or do anything unneeded. Weather George Clooney […]

Sacha Baron Cohen Oscar Skit Gets Cut; Cameron Says “Do It!”

So it seems a skit at the Oscars which was to feature Sacha Baron Cohen and Ben Stiller where they poke fun at Avatar is not going to happen. This because the Academy does not want to upset James Cameron.  When asked about the skit last night, James Cameron said to go ahead and do […]

Hurt Locker Producer BARRED From Oscars

The Hurt Locker Promotional Poster

A Hurt Locker producer will not be allowed to attend the Academy Awards this Sunday.  His crime?  He was sending e-mails out to Academy voters telling them to vote for his movie for Best Picture.  That is a big no-no. The producer is Nicolas Chartier and IF the Hurt Locker does win for Best Picture, he […]

Avatar About To Sink Titanic Record

While you are reading this, Avatar may be passing Titanic as the biggest box office movie of all-time world-wide. While not taking inflation into account, Avatar sometime Monday or Tuesday will be passing Titanic.  Only one can wonder what is going through James Cameron’s mind as he has directed both movies. Have you seen “Avatar” […]

Behind The Scenes Of Avatar

Here is a behind the scenes look at “Avatar” and it is pretty cool. The clip is about 22 minutes long but totally worth it. Have you seen “Avatar” yet? What did you think?-Dr.FB