Jay Leno Talks Conan; Letterman

TMZ caught up with Jay Leno Sunday night and asked if he talked to Conan since he left "The Tonight Show" and about David Letterman's attacks on Jay lately.

Check out how Jay answers the questions while taking photos with every fan that wanted one.   Jay versus Dave will only be heating up with Conan now gone.-Dr.FB

Comments (4)
  1. lol, Letterman is so wild! I love him.

  2. Well I am looking forward to seeing Jay go back to The Tonight Show, a show he had no business leaving.

  3. Nah
    He may be a nice guy but if he was so humble he would have let Conan have his shot.

  4. No matter what they say about Jay. It will never change my opinion about him. He is an extremely friendly and humble person. Anyone that been to his Tonight Show taping will tell u that. Nice people win in the end.

    Those other host are very phony and not what they seem to be,,,Even the ones walking away with the big checks…..

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