Michael Jackson’s Children To Accept His Lifetime Achievement Grammy

Michael Jackson's children Paris and Prince Michael

Michael Jackson's children Paris and Prince Michael

This Saturday, Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11, will accept the Lifetime Achievement Grammy for their late father. Blanket, 7, is not expected to appear, but the Jackson family says that could change.

The award ceremony will be taped on Saturday at the Special Merit Awards ceremony and footage of it may be included in the planned tribute to Michael Jackson in Sunday’s Grammy show.

According to CNN, the children’s appearance came about because Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, complained to Grammy producers that no Jackson family members had been invited to the ceremony. Whoops.

Joe Jackson has said he will not attend the ceremony or Sunday’s Grammy show due to his anger over how the behind the scenes talks went down regarding Jackson family attendance. Joe always seems to be about Joe though, so it’s hard to say what is fact and fiction here. Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, will attend.

What do you guys think? Excited to see Michael’s kids step up for their Dad or do you think they’re being exploited? -Dr.FB




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