Larry Graham Talks Sly & The Family Stone & Jams

Larry Graham received the lifetime achievement award from Bass Player Live last night and talked about Sly & The Family Stone.

Larry talked about how he met Sly Stone and how the band came to exist as Sly & The Family Stone.

Here is Larry Graham performing with his band after his speech. Funky indeed. Trust me, we have more coming too.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We call him Graham cause he funky like that.


Bootsy Collins To Receive Bass Player’s “Lifetime Achievement Award”

George Clinton & Bootsy Collins. File Photo
George Clinton & Bootsy Collins. File Photo

George Clinton & Bootsy Collins. File Photo

OK, I love what I do.  On days and nights like today, I love it even more.

Bootsy Collins and Alphonso Johnson will be receiving the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from Bass Player and we will be there bringing you the FUNK.

We will also be partaking in seeing some clinics and exhibits at a studio in Los Angeles before and after the event.  The clinic is open to the public and is at SIR studios 

Also, if you would to attend the award show, there will be performances as well and tickets can be purchased at the event which takes place tonight at 8 at the Key Club.

Special guest appearances and performances throughout the weekend will include Bootsy Colllins, Alphonso Johnson Quartet (with Ndugu, David Garfield and Michael O'Neill), Andrew Gouche, Victor Wooten, Chris Chaney, David Ellefson, Nathan Watts, Billy Sheehan, Nathan East, Steven Bailey, Lee Sklar, Verdine White, Jack Casady,Sean Hurley (John Mayer), the Rolling Stones' Darryl Jones, Alice In Chains anchor Mike Inez, jazz visionary Matt Garrison, fretless phenom Steve Bailey, wonder-from-down-under Tal Wilkenfeld, gospel great Andrew Gouche, Michael Jackson's former bassist Alex Al, and Beyonce Knowles' bassist Divinity Roxx.
We are so looking forward to this!  We hopefully will have stuff from the event to share with you over the next couple of days.-Dr.FB

Prince BET Lifetime Achievement Award Performances & Speech. Watch Now!

Here are the performances for Prince's tribute at last night's 2010 BET Award. Prince received the Lifetime Achievement Award and several of his songs were performed by Janelle Monae ("Let's Go Crazy"), Alicia Keys ("Adore"), Esperanza Spalding ("If I Was Your Girlfriend) and Patti Labelle ("Purple Rain"). Chaka Khan and Patti presented Prince with the award.

What did you think of the show? -Dr.FBPrince accepts his Lifetime Achievement Award (sorry the quality's not better! - DrFB):


Prince Will Attend BET Awards To Accept Lifetime Achievement Honor

Prince BET AWARDS 2006
Prince BET AWARDS 2006

Prince BET AWARDS 2006

A source from BET has confirmed to Drfunkenberry.com that Prince will be on hand to accept his Lifetime Achievement Award this Sunday June 27th at the BET Awards. 

"Prince will be at the BET Awards this Sunday to accept his honor.  Prince will not be performing due to getting ready for some performance dates overseas."

I pressed for more information of perhaps Prince guest performing with someone during a performance.  I was told that their is nothing like that planned but "if Prince wanted to pull a Kanye during a musical performance, that would be cool with us."

As the event draws closer, we should be able to get you more information.  You know I will be trying.  It's always great to see Prince getting an award, even if was from "Good Housekeeping" magazine.-Dr.FB


Question: Who Would You Want To See Perform A Prince Tribute At The BET Awards?

Prince BET Awards 2010


This is just a question I am asking myself.

If there is a Prince tribute at the BET Awards June 27th, who would you want to see perform that tribute?



BET To Honor Prince With Lifetime Achievement Award

Prince In Paris. Photo By Bria Valente

Prince In Paris. Photo By Bria Valente

The BET Awards will be honoring Prince by giving him the Lifetime Achievement Award later this month on June 27th.

On the press release sent out this morning, where they list the iconic singer as 51, although he is 52, they say this Lifetime Achievement Award will be different and will celebrate Prince's unique style. 

"Prince is dynamic. Prince is genius. Prince is music," says Stephen G. Hill, President of BET Programming. 

Nowhere in the press release however does it mention that Justin Bieber is nominated for a BET Award.  Oh yea, and it's the return of Kanye West as well.  Queen Latifah will be hosting as well, so no Jamie Foxx dance numbers.  Drake, T.I., Diddy, Ludacris, and Rick Ross join Kanye as performers this year. 

According to reports and insiders, BET tried to make Prince the Lifetime Achievement recipient a few years ago, but at that time, BET let go of Tavis Smiley, which did not sit well with the purple one, and he declined to appear or accept the award.

Prince is set to embark on a tour early next month, but one has to wonder, will Prince be there just to accept the award, or hopefully, perform as well.  We could say it would be one "Hot Summer" but if we did, would you really believe us?-Dr.FB

P.S. I hope it is him performing or something.  Could you imagine a musical tribute BET Style? Soulja Boy doing "When Doves Cry", Diddy doing "Kiss", M.I.A. doing "Purple Rain" and Justin Bieber doing a medley of "Sexy M.F." and "P. Control".  Oh boy.  I just threw up in my mouth a little.....


Michael Jackson’s Children To Accept His Lifetime Achievement Grammy

Michael Jackson's children Paris and Prince Michael
Michael Jackson's children Paris and Prince Michael

Michael Jackson's children Paris and Prince Michael

This Saturday, Michael Jackson's children, Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11, will accept the Lifetime Achievement Grammy for their late father. Blanket, 7, is not expected to appear, but the Jackson family says that could change.

The award ceremony will be taped on Saturday at the Special Merit Awards ceremony and footage of it may be included in the planned tribute to Michael Jackson in Sunday's Grammy show.

According to CNN, the children's appearance came about because Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, complained to Grammy producers that no Jackson family members had been invited to the ceremony. Whoops.

Joe Jackson has said he will not attend the ceremony or Sunday's Grammy show due to his anger over how the behind the scenes talks went down regarding Jackson family attendance. Joe always seems to be about Joe though, so it's hard to say what is fact and fiction here. Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, will attend.

What do you guys think? Excited to see Michael's kids step up for their Dad or do you think they're being exploited? -Dr.FB