Coming Soon……..

Funkenberry Shirts

Coming soon. 

U dig?-Dr.FB

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  1. Would definitely wear one!

  2. Yes, we know you won’t forget about the girls! Baby dolls & wife beater tanks. Black/Hot pink & White/Purple, please!

  3. Very cool!!! 1 suggestion: Bigger letters!!!

  4. Doc, get some white T’s! I would LOVE to have a blue/white one… I have too many animals at home that shed, so I can’t do black.

    Love the shirts though!

  5. Sign me up for an order of 5 shirts, once each color, so I can wear a different one everyday to work!

    Keep the funk alive!

    The Rigoman

  6. We will be having lady t’s n baby dolls n a few other things.

    You know the doc will NOT forget about the women now. ;)

  7. I want one!! u should make ladies styles too please just for me ;)

  8. YES, LOVE IT! I want to be one of the first to have one…or ten!

  9. Yes, I dig it. Thanks Doc. it’s funkey. :-)

  10. YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! Love it Doc!!!

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