Dr. Conrad Murray Charged (Finally)

Dr. Conrad Murray.

Dr. Conrad Murray. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Dr. Conrad Murray was charged with involentary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

TMZ got a hold of the coroner’s report that led to Murray being charged.  Here is what led to the coroner’s decision;

1. Circumstances indicate the Propofol and the benzodiazepines were administered by another.

2. Propofol was administered in a non-hospital setting without any appropriate medical indication.

3. The standard of care for administering Propofol was not met. Recommended equipment for patient monitoring, precision dosing and resuscitation was not present.

4. The circumstances do not support self-administration of Propofol.

Jessica Mathis, who was on scene had this to say about Murray being arrested and being there.

Being at Dr. Conrad Murray’s indictment was a nightmare all over again reliving the fact that Michael is gone. I arrived late and didn’t get to see him walk into the courthouse but a MJ friend of mine told me that they chanted “Murderer” as he walked in and that he definitely heard them, contrary to the media reporting people chanted “justice for Michael.”

We waited for almost 2 hours before the Jackson family left, all of the family snuck out through the back of the courthouse, while Randy Jackson walked out alone in front of the entire media and fans to his one black car. The fans yelled, “Love you Randy!” and he waved slightly acknowledging them as he got into the car.

The media poked around and interviewed fans, waiting for Murray to walk out. But Murray was a sly snake, somehow he managed to slip away into some unknown vehicle and already was gone before all of us knew it, while the car he arrived in stayed and then left empty as a decoy

Fans screamed outraged, “Why the celebrity treatment for this man?!” He had his own special getaway vehicle somehow provided by the police. Why was that happening? All I can say is that’s wrong, he should of faced the media and fans, but he’s a coward. Too scared to show the world what he really is, a liar, and a murderer.

I thank Jessica for sharing that with us.  What do you think of Conrad Murray finally being charged?-Dr.FB



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  • Jess
    Posted at 00:22h, 11 February

    To Daniel and Believe it or not,

    You guys are not considering that in this country no matter if your 10 years old, 40, celebrity or not, a doctor has no right to give a drug just because you want it. Regardless of the issue that Michael wanted this drug is irrelevant. A doctor takes an oath to protect his patient’s health and giving someone a powerful drug such as Propofol is clear murder. That’s what YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. I have two doctors in my family and they both agree THERE IS NO WAY THAT A ETHICAL DOCTOR WOULD PRESCRIBE SUCH A DRUG. THERE IS NO EXCUSE AND to LEAVE YOUR PATIENT FOR HOURS UNATTENDED MAKING PHONE CALLS IS EXCEPTIONALLY UNETHICAL. His medical license should be revoked and he should be charged with murder.

    How would you feel if a doctor gave your mother too much of a certain drug and then forgot to monitor her and just told you, “Sorry, I stepped out of the room and got carried away with some phone calls, but really, I’m a good doctor, please forgive me.”

    There are many wonderful doctors out there, and clearly Murray is not one of them.

  • aj
    Posted at 17:34h, 10 February

    im so happy! he should b charged w/ michaels death. mj did things bt he has 2 take a oath & follow that. it doesn’t say that if ur patiant is rich, u can give then anything they want!!! i believe he did murder mj. i luv mj & am still sad, i feel sorry 4 his family and kids. mj 4lyf

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  • daniel
    Posted at 05:44h, 09 February

    Let’s look to another aspect of this, Michael Jackson did so meny terrible thing s to himself, subjected himself to surgery which led to medical problems. He had medical problems, he wanted to run away from depression or other bad feellings that the same world brought to him before, a world that now, after he is dead, wants justice for him. Take a break. Too bad that he died. Too bad when anybody dies, but let’s not find a scapegoat for everything. He wanted to be sedated, this is already a bed thing. How come he was so healthy if he needed daily such anesthezia? Come on man. That is sick.

  • Believe it or not
    Posted at 04:40h, 09 February

    First off I must state that I am a huge Michael Jackson fan. I loved his music, his dance, his humanity, his innocence. I miss him and love him to the capacity I can. (Considering I never knew him.)
    To be fair I have to say that I’m open to the possibility that Dr. Murray had no intention of killing Michael. I do believe he was negligent. I do believe there are holes in his story. I do believe he’s human and panicked.
    What a huge test we all face when we are confronted with forgiveness.

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