Dr. Conrad Murray Charged (Finally)

Dr. Conrad Murray.
Dr. Conrad Murray.

Dr. Conrad Murray. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Dr. Conrad Murray was charged with involentary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

TMZ got a hold of the coroner's report that led to Murray being charged.  Here is what led to the coroner's decision;

1. Circumstances indicate the Propofol and the benzodiazepines were administered by another.

2. Propofol was administered in a non-hospital setting without any appropriate medical indication.

3. The standard of care for administering Propofol was not met. Recommended equipment for patient monitoring, precision dosing and resuscitation was not present.

4. The circumstances do not support self-administration of Propofol.

Jessica Mathis, who was on scene had this to say about Murray being arrested and being there.

Being at Dr. Conrad Murray's indictment was a nightmare all over again reliving the fact that Michael is gone. I arrived late and didn't get to see him walk into the courthouse but a MJ friend of mine told me that they chanted "Murderer" as he walked in and that he definitely heard them, contrary to the media reporting people chanted "justice for Michael."

We waited for almost 2 hours before the Jackson family left, all of the family snuck out through the back of the courthouse, while Randy Jackson walked out alone in front of the entire media and fans to his one black car. The fans yelled, "Love you Randy!" and he waved slightly acknowledging them as he got into the car.

The media poked around and interviewed fans, waiting for Murray to walk out. But Murray was a sly snake, somehow he managed to slip away into some unknown vehicle and already was gone before all of us knew it, while the car he arrived in stayed and then left empty as a decoy

Fans screamed outraged, "Why the celebrity treatment for this man?!" He had his own special getaway vehicle somehow provided by the police. Why was that happening? All I can say is that's wrong, he should of faced the media and fans, but he's a coward. Too scared to show the world what he really is, a liar, and a murderer.

I thank Jessica for sharing that with us.  What do you think of Conrad Murray finally being charged?-Dr.FB


Conrad Murray To Be Indicted By D.A.

Dr. Conrad Murray.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Dr. Conrad Murray. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

It looks like Corad Murray is going to be indicted for the death of Michael Jackson.

A report out today says they will indict him on involuntary manslaughter charges in MJ's death and would be be prosecuted on a theory of gross negligence alleging that his treatment of Jackson was an extreme departure from the standard of care normally followed by physicians.

The coroner ruled Michael's death a homicide after the autopsy for the drug propofol and was not medically needed by Jackson.

The D.A. needs the police to turn over the case which they said wrapped yesterday but has yet to be turned over.  The D.A. is denying the report a decision has been made but it has, but sources tell us it just has not been made official. 

To prove a charge of involuntary manslaughter, authorities must show there was a reckless action that created a risk of death or great bodily injury. If a doctor is aware of the risk, there might also be an issue of whether the patient knows that risk and decided to take it.

A large number of witnesses have been interviewed by police, including those who were present during Jackson's last days and those who worked with him in preparation for his comeback concert, "This Is It."

It seems the police investigation wrapped up in late December but was made public yesterday.  The D.A. needs the case turned over because they have to do their own internal review.

Our source tells us that the D.A. rather take the case to a grand jury than a preliminary hearing with Murray. 

We will keep you updated as relevant news breaks.-Dr.FB


Michael Jackson Timeline Is Important To Case

Michael Jackson wireimage.com
Michael Jackson wireimage.com

Michael Jackson wireimage.com


A key point of contention has emerged in the case investigators are piecing together about the death of Michael Jackson: Exactly when did Dr. Conrad Murray realize that his patient had stopped breathing?

There are currently two accounts of that moment on June 25, and about an hour separates them.

According to police documents, Murray told detectives he put Jackson to sleep with drugs just minutes before he found the singer not breathing around 11 a.m., then let nearly 90 minutes go by — much of that time on his cell phone — before an ambulance was called.

But Murray's lawyer says the doctor didn't discover a stricken Jackson until around noon.

Investigators have ruled Jackson's death a homicide, based on tests showing he was killed by the combination of the anesthetic propofol with at least two sedatives, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity because the finding has not been publicly released.

For more on this, go here.-Dr.FB


LA Coroner: Jackson’s Death A Homicide

Michael Jackson File Photo
Michael Jackson File Photo

Michael Jackson File Photo

The L A County coroner ruled Michael Jackson's death a homicide, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press on this afternoon. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the findings have not been publicly released.  Murray, Jackson's personal physician is the target of a manslaughter probe.

Meanwhile, a search warrant affidavit revealed that Jackson had lethal levels of the powerful anesthetic Propofol in his system when he died in his rented Los Angeles mansion on June 25.

The document unsealed Monday allowed officials to raid the Houston offices and storage facility of Dr. Conrad Murray last month.

According to the warrant, Murray, Jackson's personal physician, had been treating the singer for insomnia with the sedative for six weeks. According to the document, Murray said he had been trying to wean Jackson off the powerful sedative by using smaller doses in combination with the sedatives lorazepam and midazolam.


Dr. Conrad Murray’s Office In Houston Raided Over Michael Jackson Files

Dr. Conrad Murray File Photo
Dr. Conrad Murray File Photo

Dr. Conrad Murray File Photo

Dr. Murray offices in Houston just been raided the search warrant state searching for evidence in the murder of Michael Jackson.

They ransacked the place.  Which media was saying they will not go after Dr. Conrad Murray? 

Trust in us.  We will do you right? Unlike a crooked doctor.-Dr.FB


Dr. Conrad Murray Is Going Down For Michael Jackson Homicide

Dr. Conrad Murray File Photo
Dr. Conrad Murray File Photo

Dr. Conrad Murray File Photo

Let's be honest here, when the toxicology reports are in, either this week or next week, Dr. Conrad Murray is going down.

Murray administered the drug Propofol to him, which most likely is what killed him.  He waited to call 911 20-30 minutes because he could not remember the address of where he was at?  More like, he knew he messed up and was in a world of crap. Should I bring up the CPR on the bed?  Some said he gets a pass for that because of the condition Michael Jackson was in.

So, what do you think?  Will Dr. Conrad Murray be charged with the death of Michael Jackson?-Dr.FB