Funk It Or Dunk It? Erykah Badu Window Seat

Erykah Badu

Erkah Badu is back with “New Ameryka Pt.2: Return of the Ankh” which is scheduled to be released March 30th. 

The new track is “Window Seat” and I am digging it.  Just a chill little track.  But it doesn’t matter what I think it.  It is up to you.

So do you want to take a “Window Seat” with Erykah n funk it or would you rather move to the aisle n dunk it?  The choice is yours.






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  2. The Funk

    Doc, this is brilliant! Thanks again for the scoop. I love this lady & can’t wait for the new album to drop. Also love this photo of Ms Badu. Thanks again.

  3. trev

    i like the track – i like what she;s doing vocally – not sure I like them together. Maybe…maybe she needs her voice pulled back a bit and some edge taken off of it to chill the track a bit more. Then I could put it on replay. The way the mix is now i get it intellectually, but don’t want to spin it again.

  4. LexAve456

    I’m digging this song. You’re right Doc, it’s a light funky song. Nothing wrong with that, especially when it’s coming from Ms Badu!

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