Prince & The NBA Playoffs “Laydown” For No One

Coolness. Prince’s live version of “Laydown” from the George Lopez Show is now being used for the NBA Playoffs on TNT. TBS, where the Lopez shows airs, is a sister network to TNT, and was able to obtain the rights and obviously, a deal was worked out. The song is from his still yet to […]

Funk It Or Dunk It? Erykah Badu Window Seat

Erkah Badu is back with “New Ameryka Pt.2: Return of the Ankh” which is scheduled to be released March 30th.  The new track is “Window Seat” and I am digging it.  Just a chill little track.  But it doesn’t matter what I think it.  It is up to you. So do you want to take […]

2010 Oscar Nominations Announced

The Oscar nominations came out this morning of the event that will be hosted by Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin. The nominations looked like the Golden Globes and other awards.   The results, however, will be vastly different.  The biggest surprise?  “The Blind Side” nominated for best picture.   Wow.  I want Sandra Bullock to win her […]

Lindsay Lohan Gives Us Pieces Of Her

Lindsay Lohan is starting 2010 with hopes for a fresh start and a new beginning. She twitted this: “Starting my new year off with friends& family, the way it should be….. No boyfriends and the other drama.” “Peace and Love Mates.” Boyfriends?  Is Lindsay forgetting she was in a long relationship with another woman?  Is […]

New Years Eve Plans & Resolutions

Hello everyone.  So 2009 is about to be put to rest and this entire decade.  What are we calling this decade anyway?  What are we calling this upcoming one?  While I am asking questions….. What do you have planned for New Years Eve this year? What was your favorite New Years Eve experience in your […]