Jay Leno Show Goes Off The Air Tonight

Jay Leno is about to take one last shot on his chin tonight as the “Jay Leno Show” will tape it’s final episode tonight. 

It won’t be a sad goodbye as Jay Leno will be returning as the host of “The Tonight Show” in March.  His studios in Burbank during that time will be getting another makeover.

I expect some sort of send off from leno and maybe a few jabs at NBC for what an awful idea it was to put him in the 10’o’clock spot in the first place when he was number 1 in late night for so long. 

For those that think Leno will not regain the number 1 spot in his return, there will be backlash at first, but I have a feeling by the end of May, he may be back to that #1 spot. 

So long Jay Leno at 10 and say hello perhaps to the return of the king of late night.-Dr.FB



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