Jay Leno Show Goes Off The Air Tonight


Jay Leno is about to take one last shot on his chin tonight as the "Jay Leno Show" will tape it's final episode tonight. 

It won't be a sad goodbye as Jay Leno will be returning as the host of "The Tonight Show" in March.  His studios in Burbank during that time will be getting another makeover.

I expect some sort of send off from leno and maybe a few jabs at NBC for what an awful idea it was to put him in the 10'o'clock spot in the first place when he was number 1 in late night for so long. 

For those that think Leno will not regain the number 1 spot in his return, there will be backlash at first, but I have a feeling by the end of May, he may be back to that #1 spot. 

So long Jay Leno at 10 and say hello perhaps to the return of the king of late night.-Dr.FB


Jay Leno Weighs In On Conan & The Tonight Show


Jay Leno took to his monologue of today's "The Jay Leno" show to address a few things.  The talk show host did not make any wisecracks about Conan but addressed the situation.

According to TMZ, Jay addressed how in 2004 NBC approached him about having Conan take over The Tonight Show  in 2009 because Conan was going to bolt to ABC or Fox, as he was getting contract offers.  Jay tried to argue, saying he was number 1 in the ratings.  NBC told say flat out: you won't be able to maintain number 1.

Jay agreed to it then and out of that hatched "The Jay Leno Show" where NBC thought he would thrive in the summer, but never even made it to summer.

Jay thought that Conan would not mind moving a half-hour later to make room for Jay and the reason he thought that was that NBC thought that.  Their report said that Jay said not to blame Conan and called him a really nice guy and a gentleman.

Straight up: NBC knew Conan would not be happy moving a half-hour back so NBC is lying and Jay may be lying as well.

We will have his monologue up later tonight.  What do you think of what Jay said about the situation?-Dr.FB


Leno: “NBC Wanted Drama At 10 & Got It”

Jay Leno went after NBC again after the official announcement of his show being cancelled. He brought up wasn't he fired/cancelled in June? He also touched on being "fired" when he was number 1 at late night n brought how his people are mad n Conan's people are mad.

Check it out n let us know what you think?-Dr.FB


Leno Show Cancelled As Late Night Lays In Limbo

Conan O'Brien & Jay Leno Friday May 29th, 2009 Photo: NBC.com

Conan O'Brien & Jay Leno Friday May 29th, 2009 Photo: NBC.com

NBC made the news "official" when they announced the cancellation of "The Jay Leno Show" on Sunday, which will take place Feb. 12th.

NBC wants Jay back at 11:30 P.M., and Conan either at 12:00 or 12:30 followed by Jimmy Fallon.  In my opinion, Conan took his late night slot too easy in the sense of he never thought there was going to be a threat of it being taken away. 

For those that followed an article I wrote back in August, where I called Conan the George W. Bush of talk show hosts, I saw this coming.   NBC says what they will do with Conan will be made clear in the future.  The reason they say that, is they expect either Conan to walk away and go elsewhere or get a huge pay day, or, the most surprising, for him to stay where he is.

Let's be honest here; a 30 minute Leno show won't work.  They say 30 minutes but they want Leno for the full hour.  They knew the announcement would upset Conan and it did.  It's interesting because they said they spoke with Conan and Fallon on Sunday and they were both "cool" with the decision. 

More will be made clear with Conan soon but I have a feeling it will take some time.  Negotiations with NBC between Jay, Conan, and Jimmy are expected to start today.-Dr.FB


Conan Strikes Back

Conan O'Brien took a shot back at the rumors and truth of his show being moved to midnight.

Check it out above. So are you for Conan or for Leno?-Dr.FB


Video: Leno Strikes First

Jay Leno took to his monologue to talk about the rumors of him leaving. He hinted that Fox is nice this time of year and that NBC only cancells you when you are the number one show. That is an obvious dig at him being "forced" out of the 11:30 time slot last year.

Check out the clip above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Taylor Lautner On Leno Brings Exclusive New Moon Clip

Taylor Lautner was on the Jay Leno show Monday night talking about where the cast secretly goes while filming the New Moon movie. The small balls reference is rather interesting.

Also, Taylor brought Jay a new clip of "New Moon" that we are told cannot be seen anywhere else til Friday. So enjoy Taylor being shirtless...I mean enjoy the clip and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB