Video: Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon Poke Fun At Late Night War To Be

Jimmy Fallon & Jay Leno Photo: NYDailyNews.com

It appears that NBC didn't learn its lesson with Jay Leno from a few years ago; do not replace him on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon or anyone. It does not end well. For now, Fallon and Leno are taking things in stride.

Appearing in a skit together that takes place between when Leno throws to Fallon, the late night hosts put in a musical number where Jay knows he is being replaced but let's it be known he is not done. That he will go to Fox or even replace David Letterman if he has to, but he is not done.

Leno and Fallon are playing nice...for now. Jay will step aside in the fall of 2014 for Jimmy to take over the Tonight Show, which will move to New York in Fallon's Late Night studios at 30 Rock.

Remember Conan O'Brien? The Tonight Show was his...until NBC executives threw him off the show and replaces him with Jay Leno. the EXACT same executives, mind you, that NBC will be replacing Leno with Fallon this time around, even with Leno still number 1 in the ratings.

Conan has just signed a contract extension for his show with TBS until November 2015.

Leno has dominated in the ratings all year beating Letterman and Kimmel. Arsenio will return to late night with a feel of Fallon's show, stars and musical guests. Letting Arsenio stay and keeping Jay where he is at, will take away viewers from late night, but Leno would still be number 1. Moving Fallon will more than likely keep the Tonight Show number 1 without Leno and have higher ratings.

When your morning show is in shambles, when your prime time line-up except for The Voice is in the toilet, do you really mess with the only thing succeeding; your late night line-up? If your NBC, the answer is yes.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Leno to executives: NBC-ya..next Fall on another network!


Howard Stern Refusing To Promote “America’s Got Talent” On Tonight Show

Howard Stern Versus Jay Leno File Photo
Howard Stern Versus Jay Leno File Photo

Howard Stern Versus Jay Leno File Photo

Howard Stern is getting ready to promote him being judge on "America's Got Talent" but just do not expect him to be on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" for NBC.

NBC, the network that airs "America's Got Talent" has already asked Howard to be on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" and the King of All Media is refusing to do it.

Why won't he do it?  Hit the continue reading button below.


Reminder! The Original 7ven (Formerly The Time) On Tonight Show Tonight!

Morris Day, Jerome Benton & The Mirror. Photo: Cody Breedlove
Morris Day, Jerome Benton & The Mirror. Photo: Cody Breedlove

Morris Day, Jerome Benton & The Mirror. Photo: Cody Breedlove

The Original 7ven, the Band Formerly Known As The Time will be performing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno tonight.

The band's new album "Condensate" is in stores now and they will be performing "Trendin'" on the show tonight.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Somebody bring me a mirror....


The Original 7ven AKA The Time To Perform On Tonight Show

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo
The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

The Original 7ven aka The Band Formerly Known As The Time will be performing on The Tonight Show October 27th.

The band will not only performing in Los Angeles next week but will be having a homecoming concert in Minneapolis and a show in New York City.

The album "Condensate" is due for release next Tuesday, the same day the band will be at the Grammy Museum showing a documentary entitled "The Original 7ven" which will be included with the Best Buy version of the CD.

The band will also be taking over the "Centric" TV network for a weekend in December.

Starting next week, you will see The Original 7ven doing interviews in magazines and TV appearances along with the Tom Joyner Radio Show.

Stay tuned-DocFB

Diagnosis: What Time Is It?  #trendin' time!


Is TBS Learning About Conan What NBC Already Knew?

George Lopez & Conan O'Brien Photo: AccessHollywood.com
George Lopez & Conan O'Brien Photo: AccessHollywood.com

George Lopez & Conan O'Brien Photo: AccessHollywood.com

I am not going to make you search for what NBC knew and TBS is just finding out about Conan.  I am going to say it right now.  Conan O'Brien is a better follower than a lead-in.  The only thing saving Conan from being cancelled like "Lopez Tonight" is his ad buy rate and that he got nominated for an Emmy.

Conan is on cruise control and if he can shift into high gear, he will be getting cancelled this time next year.  It is just how he was on "The Tonight Show" when he took over.  Only after getting threatened by NBC to put Leno back did Conan switch into high gear and become funny.  Now, he is back to his usual self, even shaving off his beard a couple of months ago.

I am not going to hate on Leno.  Anyone with a brain should have known they gave him that 10 p.m. time slot just in case Coco couldn't do it.  Why couldn't he see that?  Just because an executive says you have a job doesn't mean you stop trying n act like you don't need to do anything but show up.  You hear everything about Leno.  He is unfunny.  Safe.  Old.  Tired out.  You never hear about his work ethic.  He kills it.  That is why "The Tonight Show" was back to number 1 as soon as Jay was put back in the seat.

Jimmy Fallon's success is mainly because Leno is a good lead-in for him.  If NBC did not pull Conan when they did, it would have been Fallon getting cancelled and Lopez still on at 11 going strong.  Conan sucks as a lead-in.  George's ratings at 11 were fine but have him follow Conan at 12, Conan was losing 40% of the viewership before G.Lo even went on the air.

There was a reason last year when I said Fox should sign Conan to late night but bring "Lopez Tonight" to Fox and let George be the lead-in and Conan the follower.  If TBS wasn't so hard for Conan and his demands, George would have been the 11 P.M. guy and Conan would have followed and they both would still have a job.

Conan was the man from 2002 til 2005.  Almost 10 years ago.   Jimmy Kimmel is edgier and that is saying something.  Fallon tries harder . He stopped laughing at his own jokes and has that Leno lead-in.  Bottom line; If Conan is better than Jay, he better start proving it already.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Team Coco?  More Like Team No-No


Robyn Funks Up The Tonight Show With “Dancing On My Own”

Robyn unpredictable comeback is still in full swing as she performed "Dancing On My Own" on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

She brought it and the tune is catchy without any gimmicks.

It's interesting; we just started promoting Robyn a few months ago..and that is when she really started taking off....while others have been on her ass for a year and....nothing!

Just saying.  The Robyn cut is hot, but a Funk it from this site, could help you more than anything. 

Check out a performance that you all Funked instead of Dunked a few months ago; "Dancing On My Own" by Robyn.-Dr.FB


Video~Jay Leno Returns To Tonight Show

Here is Jay Leno's return to the Tonight Show including dream sequence (we knew it was coming, we just did not know it would have Bettie White.) and his first monologue back.

What do you think of Jay's return? i think they tried to keep things moving and fast paced. Maybe a little too much. What do you think?-Dr.FB


Kevin Eubanks To Leave Tonight Show?

Kevin Eubanks
Kevin Eubanks

Kevin Eubanks File Photo

Kevin Eubanks made it public yesterday that he is leaving "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno"....or did he?

There were reports that hit that Kevin would be leaving the show, then that he would be there March 1st when the show returns.  The reason?  After 18 years of being on the Tonight Show and about 15 years as being band leader, he is suddenly getting the itch to tour. 

Why does this seem fishy to me?  Max Weinburg of Conan O'Brien's show was the band leader and also able to tour as the drummer of Bruce Springsteen's band.  So if Kevin really wanted to tour, wouldn't he just take a leave of absence and then return?

What this seems like to me is that perhaps someone is looking for a pay raise. 

If I am the Tonight Show producers, I give Kevin a raise.  It is too important right now to mess with anything on the Tonight Show.  There is so much on the line right now for Leno to gain the audience that Conan lost.   Kevin is more than Jay's safety net when it comes to jokes, but he also appears in skits and when you think of Kevin, you think of the Tonight Show.  There are rumors if Kevin does leave, Darius Rucker of Hootie & The Blowfish will take his place.  Oh my.

So do you think if Kevin leaves the Tonight Show, will it mess up the shows chemistry?-Dr.FB

P.S., I still think this is a ploy for a pay raise.


Jay Leno Show Goes Off The Air Tonight


Jay Leno is about to take one last shot on his chin tonight as the "Jay Leno Show" will tape it's final episode tonight. 

It won't be a sad goodbye as Jay Leno will be returning as the host of "The Tonight Show" in March.  His studios in Burbank during that time will be getting another makeover.

I expect some sort of send off from leno and maybe a few jabs at NBC for what an awful idea it was to put him in the 10'o'clock spot in the first place when he was number 1 in late night for so long. 

For those that think Leno will not regain the number 1 spot in his return, there will be backlash at first, but I have a feeling by the end of May, he may be back to that #1 spot. 

So long Jay Leno at 10 and say hello perhaps to the return of the king of late night.-Dr.FB