Sade Soldier Of Love CD Out Now!~


The new Sade CD "Soldier Of Love" is officially out today and please do us a favor;  buy it. 

Straight up, real music needs to supported.  Also it's pretty good and you might get lucky. 

I am not saying you are going to get some good loving because you buy the new Sade CD but Valentine's is coming up and Sade has gotten many a men ass he so did not deserve.

So on that note, will you do the doc a favor and buy the CD?-Dr.FB

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  1. real music? oh, you mean like the Black Eyed Peas……sorry doc you lost some cred. there but Sade is cool

  2. Purchased and downloading! Thanks for the reminder, Doc. :)

  3. Yep I’m buying 2 just like I did with Purple one. Just in case something happens to the 1st one. Smile. Luv 4 ya Doc.

  4. YES…can’t wait to pick up a copy ! :)

  5. Of course I’ll be picking this up. I have waited so long for this.

  6. “..Straight up, real music needs to supported. Also it’s pretty good and you might get lucky. …”

    Agreed. That’s why I said. Everybody.. Please BUY this!! It needs to be supported.
    Thank you doc!!

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