Orlando Bloom Is Ready To Take Your Temperature

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Orlando Bloom was caught on the set of his new movie "The Good Doctor" in Los Angeles yesterday.

Although there has been some rumors (That I started) "The Good Doctor" is not about Drfunkenberry.

Bloom has been staying busy although rumors are swirling that he tried to hook up with Kristen Stewart from the Twilight films at Sundance while his girlfriend Miranda Kerr was in St. Barts working.

Hmm.   Not sure if I believe this and I am NOT going to knock Kristen Stewart like other bloggers do although I did see with my own eyes Orlando Bloom hook up with Rumer Willis, so it is possible.  Why would you trade Fillet Mignon (Miranda Kerr) for a 5 ounce steak (Kristen Stewart) you know?

Regardless, enjoy the photo of Orlando on set and please take off your clothes, the doctor will be in shortly to see you.-Dr.FB

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  1. Kristen Stewart got the looks and the talent to become an excellent Bella Swan in the Twilight movie. ..

  2. Kristen Stewart is really the best actress for the movie Twilight. I bet that Kristen and Robert Pattinson would also make a good couple. ‘

  3. i feel like i am comming down with something…. can the doc C me???

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