Premiere Of “We Are The World 25 For Haiti” Video

It's back! The video premiered at tonight's opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie got singers together after the Grammy Awards to re-record the song as a benefit for Haiti.

It was a star-studded affair with artists from all different genres of music addnig vocals for the track including Jennifer Hudson, Lil Wayne, Jamie Foxx, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion.

Michael Jackson was one of the original writers and vocalists when they recorded 25 years ago. They kept his original part in the current song and video, and added in sister Janet Jackson to sing alongside him.

What do you guys think of the song and video? -Dr.FB

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  1. Omg When i first hear that i was like … What! That is the most beautiful thing i ever seen! There still popping up artists we know as well but also least famous artists LOVE IT

    TO ALL THE AMERICANS AND HAITI AND THE REST OF THE WORLD : i hope you can still save a thouzend lives

    You Rock.

  2. I love how these artists think their hot shit if they really cling onto their headphones and show the “power” within them to sing their heart out. It’s just so fake. And honestly, why don’t they stop ruining classics with stupid rappers and start making new charity songs? Are they really that creatively dried up? So sad.

  3. Two words: hot mess.

  4. c’mon y’all…….this is for Haiti…….can we put the negativity aside for once and all join together to help these people

    ah….nevermind, this was utter garbage and should be renamed “Autotune for Haiti”

  5. This song proves that MJ is truly missed. He wouldn’t have never allowed this horrible remake to be put out as a final cut. Janet was barely audible. Quincy I’m very disappointed in U. Allowing this crap to be put out as a final song representing Haiti. Michael must be turning in his grave.

    It just proves how the music industry has changed in 25 years. I guess its the thought that counts. My disappointment is in no offense to Haiti……

  6. Although the intentions behind this project were meant to be good, they ruined a classic song. Quincy and Lionel are legends, but I don’t know what happened here….Some of those artist’s in this song don’t even deserve to be in the same room as Quincy Jones and Lionel…I wish they would’ve stuck with the original. Anyway, Haiti still needs help so I hope everyone keeps donating! Help Haiti!

  7. OMG, this is soo bad!

    Poor Janet, she looked like she did not even want 2 b there, she should have kicked off the song! what the heck was Jones and Richie thinking? Not even MJs’s cameo saved this train wreck.

    Peak solo was Lil Wayne, IMO

  8. this sounded like a comedy skit from SNL…the only thing that saved this song was the few legends that were there, the actual good singers and MJ….i am so disappointed in mr. jones and richie for sabotaging their own work, if michael was still alive, he probably would of come up with something way better than this…this remake is a sick joke

  9. While I totally respect the reasons for remaking “We Are The World”, the song and video was straight up GARBAGE. IMHO, it didn’t sound sincere to me. Singers sounded like they were trying to outsing the other and there was autotune in the damn song. WTF was that?! Top it off, Wyclef sounded like a dying animal on there which made me shake my head even more than before. I’m not buying this song, I will give money to a charity instead.

  10. The effort is cool. So is the energy. But the autotune on almost all vocal parts is just awful.

  11. Let’s face it, this is a great thing they did for Haiti and whatever we can do to support and send money there, we should all do, even if we buy it on iTunes and never listen to it again, it’s an urgent situation. However, this shows me how sad the times are and where the music industry has gone in only 25 years. The fact that anyone thinks Justin Bieber would be worthy of OPENING the song, is sad. Ok, they threw in a few legends but half the people in here are completely forgettable and will not matter a few years from now, compared to the original which had so many great artists. I think the rap at the end is the best part because it’s new and heartfelt. But the fact that they put autotune on it is like: “here’s the worst of music today, for a great cause.”
    So I bought it but probably won’t listen to it again, ok, maybe one more time.

  12. I like the original best. More diversity. Where were the artists representing the rock genre, Green Day, Gnarles Barkley, Carolina Liar, Kings of Leon??? But, wait a minute, was that Nikka in the crowd??? Doc, i can’t believe u didn’t mention her!!!???

  13. They should have just donated money.

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