Lindsay Lohan Is Straight Bumming It

Lindsay Lohan. Photo:

Lindsay Lohan. Photo:

This is no way to dress if you are actually trying to impress or make your ex jealous.

Lindsay Lohan made her way into Bardot yesterday looking ragged.  If it was a normal person dressed like that, they would have thrown them off the parking lot instead of letting them in.

It seems Lohan went there to see her ex Samantha Ronson DJ.  Wow.  What happened to the day when the DJ’s used to get the hottest girls and not the train wrecks?

Lindsay, whoever picked out that outfit for you last night, whatever fashion stylist said that looks good, fire them.  We have a feeling it was you, but trying to leave you with some dignity. 

Would you go dressed to a fancy nightclub in this attire?-Dr.FB




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