Lindsay Lohan Is Straight Bumming It

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: SplashNewsonline.com

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: SplashNewsonline.com

This is no way to dress if you are actually trying to impress or make your ex jealous.

Lindsay Lohan made her way into Bardot yesterday looking ragged.  If it was a normal person dressed like that, they would have thrown them off the parking lot instead of letting them in.

It seems Lohan went there to see her ex Samantha Ronson DJ.  Wow.  What happened to the day when the DJ's used to get the hottest girls and not the train wrecks?

Lindsay, whoever picked out that outfit for you last night, whatever fashion stylist said that looks good, fire them.  We have a feeling it was you, but trying to leave you with some dignity. 

Would you go dressed to a fancy nightclub in this attire?-Dr.FB


Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” Remix

Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo
Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo

Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo

Here is a remix of the Michael Jackson classic "Human Nature done by friend of the site Howie T., a DJ for the club out here Avalon/Bardot.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I like it. It is not over the top. It sticks to the original beat and ads elements. What do you think?-Dr.FB


What A Night!

Katy Perry 08/29/09 In Los Angeles Photo: CB
Katy Perry 08/29/09 In Los Angeles Photo: CB

Katy Perry 08/29/09 In Los Angeles Photo: CB

OK, so I got my Perry Cherry popped tonight as I went to my first Katy Perry show. Amazing! Mic trouble during the first song but the rest was hot like soup!

More info on that and way more photos later today. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus along with a few others were there. When I look at the pics, will let you know.

After Katy, I went to Kiss n Grind where Questlove, DJ Vicktor, and DJ Rashida were spinning. It was at a place called Church and I understand why they call it that; after parking, you are praying your car is still there when you get back. Chuuuuuurch! Yep, I am preaching. Love to support you guys but wish it was at Avalon or Bardot.

Listen, I need to get a little bit of sleep and hoping no other celeb dies while I take a nap. I sometimes feel I am not running a celeb web site but a celeb death watch lately. Seriously.

See you guys soon and much love to Adam & Michael. Peace.-Dr.FB


Lindsay Wants To Get You Wet

Lindsay Lohan/ Pacific Coast News

Lindsay Lohan/ Pacific Coast News

Looks like Lohan had a good time spraying down the 'PAPS' outside of the Bardot in Hollywood  last night.

Are you diggin' the blonde locks?  I'm not too sure I like the new look....


Mayte Garcia Talks About Performance This Week

Mayte Dancing Feb. 8th, 2008.  Photo By: Gary Stevens
Mayte Dancing Feb. 8th, 2008.  Photo By: Gary Stevens

Mayte Dancing. Photo By: Gary Stevens

As we told you before, friend of the site, Mayte Garcia is dancing as part of Dita Von Teese's show this Wednesday at the Avalon/Bardot club in Hollywood.

I asked if she had anything she wanted to share with me and all of you about the show and what she has been up to.  She did and to sum it up, she is excited!

" I am very excited. I am performing solo and it will be a sword dance with a cool drum solo. It will be very informal but fun. I am excited because it is going to be great!"

She also wanted to add that she has a DVD coming out and it will be titled "The Elements of Belly Dance By Mayte" and we should have a shot of the DVD to share you with you very soon.

Mayte has been doing a few shows as of late, "Army Housewives" and "Dance Your A@@ Off" which airs on Oxygen Monday nights.

I want to thank Mayte for her time and can't wait to see your performance and Dita's on Wednesday. We are excited for the performance and for  you as well Mayte.-Dr.FB

Mayte Performing  Feb. 2008. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry

Mayte Performing. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry


Scene & Heard

Leonardo DiCaprio having dinner in Century City at Houstons with his girlfriend Giselle 2.0. Aftwards they headed to the movies. No word of they saw his new flick...
Ryan Gosling partying it up at Bardot and djing on the ones n twos. Interesting sign in Bardot advises cameras strickly prohibted. Guess no sign outside as paps and unprofessionals wait outside....
Donny Osmond let it slip that he might be following in his sisters footsteps on the next season of Dancing With The Stars.....
Stories developing.....


Prince Likes Fries With His Keys

Bardot In Hollywood.  File Photo
Bardot In Hollywood.  File Photo

Bardot In Hollywood. File Photo

Prince has been spotted a lot at the club of the moment, Bardot lately.  He even ducked cameras by TMZ last Saturday night. 

Too bad they were not inside the club as Dita Von Teese turned into a mushy fan, planting some kisses on Prince's cheeks. Prince laughed it up as they talked but then went back to watching the band Andy Clockwise play.

Also,  last week on jazz night, Prince was chilling while a band was playing there and then out of the blue, just decided to join the band on stage.  Yup, he just took over on the keyboards when the keyboardist wasn't looking. The band, Lafayette and Trumbul was surprised but it did not stop Stewart Cole from blowing on his trumpet. 

Prince has also been sighted there having fries with a different set of keys, Alicia Keys to be exact.  The two friends chilled and exchanged conversation.  Prince just launched a preview for his new web site over the weekend, you can peep a view at www.lotusflow3r.com and also listen to a few brand new songs.-Dr.FB


Prince Likes To Do That Conga

777 9311 Chick Hearn Court has been a popular hang out spot for Prince lately.  What? Did you think we were gonna talk about the Miami Sound Machine?

2 Friday's ago, Prince made an appearance at the Conga Room where he checked out Mike Phillips & Brian Culbertson perform after midnight.  There were rumors that the funk man was going to perform with the  band, but something didn't smell right, don't know if it was my buddies cologne or what, but we knew it wouldn't happen and it didn't but while Prince was in the VIP section, Mr. Hayes from his band "The NPG" did get up on stage and solo.

Then the purple one was seen rooting for KG & the Gang Green of the Boston Celtics against The Dr's Lakers.  We may have bounced Kevin Garnett like it was the Wolves in the first....round of the playoffs that is, but something tells me Prince might be celebrating another championship by the former Minnesota player round June.

Last Friday night, Prince returned to the Conga Room to check out the mixings of DJ Rashida & Viktor Duplaix.  The crowd was in for a surprise as his longtime friend Sheila E. guested on stage, belting out "The Glamourous Life" and several other songs in the mix.  The place was packed and jumping, you woulda thought it was 1984 instead of 25 years later.  Truth be told, music n funk that good just doesn't age, it keeps it's freshness long after other songs rise and fall off the charts n out of our hearts. Even Earth Wind & Fire’s Philip Bailey got on the stix at one point.

Prince was also seen briefly at Bardot as well over the weekend in Hollywood with Bria Valente who dropped a song on us during that time. 

With all that is going on, it sure looks like 2009 is gonna be mighty fine!-Dr.FB