Listen Now! New Song From Prince, “Cause and Effect”

Prince In Paris. Photo By Bria Valente

“I am here, where r u?” Prince’s new song “Cause and Effect” premiered on Minneapolis public radio station 89.3 the current this morning. It should also be up on Prince’s website,, later today.

Listen to it below and then tell us what you think in the comments! -Dr.FB





  1. Yacamaindian

    Good Morning “Prince”:

    “Having” listened to the entire Music of Spheres: Go-Go is so the music, because it is a genre marked by spirited, aggressive action!

    When you laugh in a song, after asking a question, I immediately know there is a message: plus, the entire go-go is.

    Saying, “I am Here. Where are You?”, is an example of Cause and Effect questioning in writing. And, what is enjoyable to me to read, is that “where” is “here”; so essentially, you and the audience is there; but is there awareness to what is being asked?

    Genius at your wording, always intrigues me and makes me happy; for “leave no death”, is a phrasing most delighful.

    “Leave no death” is “leave”, because it means: to have what is remaining after one’s death.

    I tell thee, I can’t find true messages anywhere else today; only the ancients write this way.

    Thank you for blessing me, a writer, who loves you, again with a masterpiece.

    Shall we say: Rock-a-Go-Go?


    I love you. Having said all that.


  2. VirgoBrown

    I’m not feeling this at all. I do understand that as an artist, you need to grow and evolve, but the plain and simple truth is, Prince just ain’t funky no more. Not in the least. I’m sure someone will absolutely flame me for this post, but believe me, no one was a bigger fan of his Royal Badness than me at one point. This sounds like a very limp attempt at best. Maybe he’s gotten out of touch with his funkier side. Maybe he needs to put down the guitar and pick up a bass for a little while, but this is not some new cool Prince material. I had pretty high hopes for this one. I am thoroughly disappointed.

  3. Worth the wait

    I like it. It rocks and grooves and has light vibe although guitar is heavy as I like it. Nice groove and cool self humor in the lyrics. Bring on the album of stuff like this and ditch the ballads for once, will you? Thanks Prince.

  4. CC

    This song is shit. Everything he’s putting out now is shit. He needs to start pulling out the old stuff from the vault…

  5. dancedwithhim

    I have only heard it 2 times. It´s fun, but I prefer when a song has a more well-defined structure that takes you to the end. Songs like this one are funny but probably won´t be a big hit, except by the fact that is Prince stuff. If you stop to think, most part of the songs that contributed to the music history have more to do with the classical concept of a song; I´m talking about structure, not about style or about if the song is more or less strange.
    Anyway, happy to know you share with us your music.

  6. billbrown

    It’s fun, it’s energy, it’s a hit. Prince, as it should be, creates based on his muse, but I always hope for him to have “hits” so the world continues to be aware of his body of work. We (and music) are fortunate to have his creations to envigorate and lighten the load of our lives. Lyrics prompt thought as well. Thank you Prince.

  7. Markus Bonten

    Iám HERE……

    listen 2 your new Track Master O(+>

    I am very surprised, this is a fresh sound like i listen 2 the first time 2 days of wild.

    I wish U bring out a album in that style !?!

    The energy of 777 is with ya.

    I love your work.

    Peace and live da light.
    Markus Bonten

    I hope brother midan will hear 2 it very soon…..

  8. paradise

    I love this!!!! Yeah I’m feeling this tune. U gotta be a rocker to get it. The lyrics is on!!!!

    Thank you Prince & Doc.

  9. LexAve456

    I thought I heard some kind of bleep in the song but I wasn’t too sure. Thanks for pointing that out Doc!

  10. LexAve456

    I just listened to the song and I like it. It has a lot of energy and the guitar is on point so I really dug it.

  11. npg1

    An interesting song and very chaotic sounding in terms of the guitar and drums but it’s growing on me, I love parts of it, it builds to a crescendo of purple funkness. It has parts from Family name in there. Need to listen to it a few more times and get a grasp of the lyrics. Musically I love it! thanks for posting Doc.

  12. justmemuchlove

    OMG !! Mind blown again!! Uh hmm
    Thanks doc
    Much love Prince!! All the Love!
    I AM HERE..WHERE R U!!!??

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