D’Angelo Pleads Not Guilty To For Soliciting Officer



D’Angelo, who was arrested for soliciting a female officer over the weekend for a $40 blow n go, is pleading not guilty to the charge.

He released a statement saying: “allow the American justice system to resolve the matter before jumping to any conclusions.”

It’s interesting.  How can we jump to conclusions D?  Were you actually trying to order a big mac from an officer at 2:30 in the morning and she thought you said a blowjob?   Hmm.

The “Brown Sugar” singer was found to have $12 grand in his Range Rover at the time of arrest. 

What do you think?  Are we jumping to conclusions or should D’Angelo man up?-Dr.FB




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  2. CJBabyDaddy

    Don’t jump to conclusions, Doc. If I had a Range Rover, I’d also probably keep $12,000 in the gLove Box.

    My math ain’t what it used to be. 12,000 divided by 40 is . . . ?

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